#NationalIceCreamDay Fail! Uh-oh!Did you get your ice cream on for #NationalIceCreamDay ? This place promised free ice cream and well it didn't work out! See why people were so any here!
Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's Twitter Love Gives Us SO Many FeelsHow can you choose between Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez?! YOU CAN'T! So their twitter exchange showing love has us all feeling warm and fuzzy! See it here!
Tweeting & Snapchatting For The B96 Pepsi Summer Bash?Here's the hashtags and artist handles to use tomorrow when you're live tweeting from #SummerBash!
What Is Covfefe??Find out what #covfefe is HERE!
#UberBae: The Universe Gave Her A Dose Of SidechickUber driver drops off woman to her boyfriend's house FROM the airport!
Twitter Just Added a Feature That Blocks TV Show Spoilers From Your TimelineThis is a total game changer for those of us who watch episodes late on DVR!
Snoop Dogg Pulls Gun On Trump In Video, Trump Tweet Responds
Super Fan Elmo Meets Adele!Omg this is THE cutest thing ever! Elmo reached out to Adele to meet up and she came thru! See the pics here!
WATCH: Behind the Scenes for Camila Cabello's New VideoCamila Cabello is wasting no time getting her solo career on! Check out these behind the scenes clips of her and Pitbull from their new video!
TOP 20 COUNTDOWN: Nicki Minaj My Not Have Had The Best Week Personally But Professionally, She Is #1Click HERE to see the most popular songs in Chicago this week!
Happy Birthday Taylor Swift, Check Out Her New Song & Lyric Video HereClick HERE to see if you can guess her age and watch her new lyric video!
#Trending: Top 10 Food Hashtags on Twitter in 2016As 2016 wraps up, we look back at the most buzzed about things.

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