Sticky Situations


Sticky Situations: Work Wife

Laura is worried about her husbands “Work Wife” and its giving her fits!! She’s thinks they are getting way too close! So we give him a call to get to the bottom of this sticky situation! Can […]

Chicago’s B96–10/22/2014


Sticky Situations: Personal Trainer Problems

Thomas and his girlfriend have been together for about two years. His girlfriend, Annie, has recently been going to the gym more and more. According to Thomas, she’s been getting a little too comfortable with her […]

Chicago’s B96–10/15/2014


Sticky Situations: Kristin And Greg

K Ever Facetime someone and realize someone else is ALSO on the Facetime conversation with you AND your significant other?! Find out what happens with Kristin when she realizes her private conversation with Greg wasn’t as private as […]

Chicago’s B96–10/08/2014


Sticky Situations: Pregnancy Test

He found the test in the trash, when he confronted her she said it was her sisters. He didn’t believe her for one second but we HAD to get to the bottom of it!! Who did […]

Chicago’s B96–10/01/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Discovered Toothbrush

Amanda recently discovered a tooth brush and face wash in her boyfriends bathroom and they are not hers! The J Show is going to help her get to the bottom of this! Who do you […]

Chicago’s B96–09/24/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Credit Card Caught Up

She’s been avoiding him for a few weeks now…no talks, no dinners, no nothing. He can’t think of anything else other than she found someone else. Will a credit card blunder be the cause of […]

Chicago’s B96–07/30/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Perfume On The Pillow

She went to spend the night at her boyfriends house and when she put her head on his pillow is smelled like cheap perfume that WASN’T hers!! He said he let his friend hook up […]

Chicago’s B96–06/11/2014

Sticky Situations - Wednesday's @ 8pm

Sticky Situations: Hooking Up With Her Ex

He noticed she was chatting with her EX BOYFRIEND on her FB wall.  How disrespectful!! She said it was nothing, just old friends chatting.  We put her to the test and lets just say SOMEONE […]

Chicago’s B96–05/07/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Where Were You Then?

Melanie went to her boyfriends job to surprise him with some lunch.  When she got their they let her know that he was “at home sick.”  When Melanie got home she asked her BF how […]

Chicago’s B96–04/30/2014

The J Show

Sticky Situations: His Ex-Girlfriend

Kelly is concerned about her boyfriend John. John hired his ex-girlfriend which makes Kelly EXTREMELY uncomfortable!!!  John then attended a party with his ex after work, and she ended up crashing at his place the […]

Chicago’s B96–04/23/2014




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