Sticky Situations

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Credit Card Caught Up

She’s been avoiding him for a few weeks now…no talks, no dinners, no nothing. He can’t think of anything else other than she found someone else. Will a credit card blunder be the cause of […]

Chicago’s B96–07/30/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Perfume On The Pillow

She went to spend the night at her boyfriends house and when she put her head on his pillow is smelled like cheap perfume that WASN’T hers!! He said he let his friend hook up […]

Chicago’s B96–06/11/2014

Sticky Situations - Wednesday's @ 8pm

Sticky Situations: Hooking Up With Her Ex

He noticed she was chatting with her EX BOYFRIEND on her FB wall.  How disrespectful!! She said it was nothing, just old friends chatting.  We put her to the test and lets just say SOMEONE […]

Chicago’s B96–05/07/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Where Were You Then?

Melanie went to her boyfriends job to surprise him with some lunch.  When she got their they let her know that he was “at home sick.”  When Melanie got home she asked her BF how […]

Chicago’s B96–04/30/2014

The J Show

Sticky Situations: His Ex-Girlfriend

Kelly is concerned about her boyfriend John. John hired his ex-girlfriend which makes Kelly EXTREMELY uncomfortable!!!  John then attended a party with his ex after work, and she ended up crashing at his place the […]

Chicago’s B96–04/23/2014


Sticky Situations: Tinder Downfall

Aubrey was looking through her boyfriend’s phone…and he had the Tinder app OPEN! She read a few messages and he planned to meet up with another woman. We decided to call him pretending to be the […]

Chicago’s B96–04/16/2014

The J Show

Sticky Situations: The Dog Walker

Kevin has word from his good friend that his girlfriend Maggie may be cheating on him…Maggie is a professional dog walker, but Kevin’s buddy claims he has seen her walking dogs…with another man!!  How will […]

Chicago’s B96–04/09/2014

Photo by Getty Images

Sticky Situations: The Texting Date

Sophia got a strange text while she was ON a date with her boyfriend. She’s confused on what is going on with their relationship! If he’s already over WHY would he be texting her…I think it […]

Chicago’s B96–04/02/2014

The J Show

Sticky Situations: Daddy Duties

  Valarie was snooping through her boyfriend’s stuff, and found plane tickets for him and another woman named “Kayla.” But once she confronted him, Valarie got more than she bargained for…Kayla is actually his daughter!!!  Valarie had no […]

Chicago’s B96–03/26/2014

The J Show

Sticky Situations: Name Swap

Michael has a case of the text messages blues this morning.  He claims his girlfriend Lindsay texts “friends” early in the morning….but why would her friend “Sarah” text her at the crack of dawn???  Is […]

Chicago’s B96–03/19/2014




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