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Sticky Situations: Business Trip Gone Wrong

  She said she was on a business trip…when she got a phone call early in the morning, she let someone else answer the phone…little did she know it was her bf calling. When do […]

Chicago’s B96–01/15/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: You Say He’s Just A Friend

She took him to a basketball game because her friend from college plays on the opposing team and got her some tickets.  Seems friendly enough right?? Well what happens when she gets invited to a […]

Chicago’s B96–11/20/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Where Do We Stand?

They have an understanding that they are just dating.  They both know they are seeing OTHER people but she REALLY wants to know where she sits on the totem poll.  So is she his #1 […]

Chicago’s B96–10/02/2013

The J Show

Sticky Situations: You Can’t See Her Anymore

She called us up because her boyfriend has been hanging out with his new female friend a bit too much.  We try to catch him up with our famous Discrete Suites but he ends up […]

Chicago’s B96–09/25/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

2nd Date Update/Sticky Situations: The Finale

OK lets catch you up… We got a call from Jeff because he went on a date with Lisa and never got a call back. Lisa ended up finding pictures in Jeff’s house but he said […]

Chicago’s B96–09/18/2013

2nd Date Update happen's Mondays @ 8am!

2nd Date Update: The Follow Up – Part 2

Lisa went on a date with Jeff and some red flags started to come up.  First it was the pictures of girls at his apartment.  Then it was his constant texting at the dinner table […]

Chicago’s B96–09/17/2013

2nd Date Update happen's Mondays @ 8am!

2nd Date Update: The Follow Up

So last week we talked to Jeff and Lisa after their first date.  Things didn’t go so well but the two decided to give it another chance.  J Niice paid for the date and now […]

Chicago’s B96–09/16/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Second Date Update: Confident King

Ladies have you ever dealt with a man that is a compulsive liar?? Trisha called us up because every time she thinks she’s being lied to her boyfriend Mike comes up with ANY excuse.  She […]

Chicago’s B96–08/21/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Lollapafloozy

You trust your girlfriend to go to Lollapalooza and she ends up hanging out with one of the up and coming bands!! Did she end up hooking up or just hanging out?!?!  

Chicago’s B96–08/07/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Is It Cheating If Its With Your BF??

So did you ever hear the one about the guy that calls up a station to catch his girlfriend cheating only to find out SHE ALREADY HAS A BOYFRIEND?!?!  That’s what happened to our caller […]

Chicago’s B96–07/31/2013