Sticky Situations


Sticky Situations: Dirty Site Obsession

Grace is unhappy with her man’s obsession with dirty websites. When she goes through his browser history everything is always wiped clean! We’re putting Ben to the test to see if it’s becoming a problem! Does Grace […]

Chicago’s B96–03/12/2014

The J Show

Sticky Situations: Ex-Boyfriend Drama

Joanne is calling because she wants closure as to why her ex-boyfriend Ryan broke up with her.  She is super positive that he was seeing someone towards the end of their relationship.  Does he owe […]

Chicago’s B96–02/26/2014


Sticky Situations: Parking Spot Paranoia

We have a caller who did some investigating on her own before she asked for our help! She saw his car parked infront of his ex-girlfriend’s house! He was supposedly at a concert with a […]

Chicago’s B96–02/19/2014


Sticky Situations: V-Day Surprise

Joseph said his girlfriend wants to spend Valentine’s Day with her girlfriends this year…he feels there’s something a little off for a lady who loves all the romance! Who spends Valentine’s Day with their girlfriends […]

Chicago’s B96–02/12/2014

Sticky Situations - Wednesday's @ 8pm

Sticky Situations: Good Morning Texts

Julie stopped getting those cute early morning texts, her women’s intuition has kicked in and she thinks he’s up to no good!! Why did he stop sending the texts?? Is it another woman or does […]

Chicago’s B96–02/05/2014

Sticky Situations - Wednesday's @ 8pm

Sticky Situations: Business Trip Gone Wrong

  She said she was on a business trip…when she got a phone call early in the morning, she let someone else answer the phone…little did she know it was her bf calling. When do […]

Chicago’s B96–01/15/2014

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: You Say He’s Just A Friend

She took him to a basketball game because her friend from college plays on the opposing team and got her some tickets.  Seems friendly enough right?? Well what happens when she gets invited to a […]

Chicago’s B96–11/20/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

Sticky Situations: Where Do We Stand?

They have an understanding that they are just dating.  They both know they are seeing OTHER people but she REALLY wants to know where she sits on the totem poll.  So is she his #1 […]

Chicago’s B96–10/02/2013

The J Show

Sticky Situations: You Can’t See Her Anymore

She called us up because her boyfriend has been hanging out with his new female friend a bit too much.  We try to catch him up with our famous Discrete Suites but he ends up […]

Chicago’s B96–09/25/2013

Mary, J Niice, Shelly, Gabe

2nd Date Update/Sticky Situations: The Finale

OK lets catch you up… We got a call from Jeff because he went on a date with Lisa and never got a call back. Lisa ended up finding pictures in Jeff’s house but he said […]

Chicago’s B96–09/18/2013




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