Sticky Situations

[Listen] Sticky Situations: Dirty SitesMelissa wants to make sure her man stopped looking at sites!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Facebook OfficialDanielle is trying to see what Troy is hiding...Why won't they be Facebook official?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Hanging With The ExWould you be cool with your sigfig hanging with their ex??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Shady SnapsThis Netflix and chill date...left everyone angry!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Back TogetherTara wants to see where she's at with her ex!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Love NoteDid the "cleaning lady" leave a VERY personal love note?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: UGG-ly BootsAnna found UGGS hidden in her boyfriends house...WHAT ARE THOOOSE?!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Hello SidechicksDid Victor Cruz' fiancee win at the world??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Texting BuddiesIs Chris cheating on Jessica??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Drive-By LunchTonya walked into her boyfriend's house unannounced and there was a girl that she never met before...
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The PlaylistMelissa found her boyfriend's "Get It On Songs" playlist...but they've never listened to it together!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Sports BraNicole is calling because she found a woman's sports bra in her boyfriends gym bag!

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