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[Listen] Sticky Situations: Netflix And ChillHeather had a chill date at home with her boyfriend when she noticed another girls name on their TV streaming service.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Caught Red HandedJoe had the cheating vibes after an unknown number was blasting his GF's phone.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Test ResultsWill she believe that he wasn't cheating??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Barista BabeA barista starts flirting with Alisha's BF and thinks there's more to the story.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Bottle ServiceDave and his GF Rebecca work at a club together in downtown Chicago.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: iSnoopingRachel was going through her boyfriend's phone, but realized that some messages were missing.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Secret BabyKayla says she's been seeing weird signs making her think there is another woman.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The AssistantAriel has a gut feeling that her boyfriend Henry is up to something sketchy with his grad assistant.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Vacation VixenChristian has a suspicion that his girlfriend Mikayla did something sketchy when she went on vacation.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Unsaved NumberWhen is a good time to save a number in your phone?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: It's Showtime!Has your partner cheated on you with someone close to you?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Eye See YouAre these glasses designed for men or women?

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