Sticky Situations

[Listen] Sticky Situations: Hello SidechicksDid Victor Cruz' fiancee win at the world??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Texting BuddiesIs Chris cheating on Jessica??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Drive-By LunchTonya walked into her boyfriend's house unannounced and there was a girl that she never met before...
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The PlaylistMelissa found her boyfriend's "Get It On Songs" playlist...but they've never listened to it together!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Sports BraNicole is calling because she found a woman's sports bra in her boyfriends gym bag!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Dog HouseAntonio heard through a friend his girl's dog was staying with her ex. Can Antonio handle the sharing?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Chapped Lips Aren't SealedCrystal knows that was NOT her chapstick on the floor! Will Steve admit to sleeping with Tiffany?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: I Am NOT The Father!Alyssa is a little curious who the father of her BF's EX is...
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The MarathonerSamantha thinks that Andy has been hanging a little too close with a co-worker. Will Andy pick Samantha to run a couples marathon or naaah?
[Listen] Find My Phone Frank: The PrankJ Niice took Frank's phone and had his GF freaking out!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The BFF Word VomitDid Sarah's fiance's BFF make a BIG mistake??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Hanging With The ExAre we being too harsh or is he CLEARLY cheating!?