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[Listen] Sticky Situations: Liar Liar Pants On Fire!Melissa grabbed a towel at her man's house, it DEF smelled like perfume!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: SURPRISE!Michelle says the relationship is going well, BUT she saw he's been consistently calling a rando girl! Who could it be?
[Listen] Dating Disclaimer: When's Too Soon?We all have a dating disclaimer!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Facebook FriendsJody's boyfriend's ex added her on FB!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Charge it!Was Kevin REALLY in Cleveland or on a secret getaway?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Stay-At-Home DadAdam is a stay-at-home dad and it looks like he's been hanging out with the single mom next door more than trips to the park.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The ClosureTara wants to see what her ex is up to lately.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Show Me Off!!George called us yesterday because he was VERY uneasy about his relationship.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Am I A Secret?George's GF won't show him off! Is she keeping him hidden or is she super private??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Ride HistoryNicole saw that her boyfriend was constantly going to that same house at 1am on their ride sharing app.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Confronting RayThe ladies decided they want to confront Ray.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Nicolette Shares A SecretNicolette spills the beans on the other woman!

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