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[Listen] Sticky Situations: Hotel GetawayNicole found a credit statement showing her boyfriend was chilling at a hotel for a few hours...
[Listen] Sticky Situations: "He's Just A Friend"Dylan's girlfriend was MIA then came home smelling like cologne...who was she out with?
[Listen] Showbiz Shelly's Silent Feud: The ConfrontationWhat's all drama about??
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The CallWas Dave expecting us to call him?!
[Listen] Showbiz Shelly's Silent Feud: Do I Talk To Her?Shelly went under cover to get audio of how this co-worker is treating her.
[Listen] Showbiz Shelly's Silent Feud: What Did I Do?Do you have a silent beef with a co-worker?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Unknown NumberLena is noticing her boyfriend Trevor is calling this unknown number a lot!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The ActressWill Danielle confess she would do "anything" for the part??
[Listen] The Secret Stash: The ConfrontationLouis confronts his fiancee about her money.
[Listen] The Secret Stash: Sharing Bank AccountsLouis is PANICKING! He found out his fiancee has a secret bank account.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Best Friend BetrayalSadie is a little suspicious after she found a place ticket to Tennessee after her boyfriend said he was going to Miami.
[Listen] Sticky Situations: A Guys Night OutSamantha is trippin because her boyfriend told her he was meeting his friend at a restaurant.

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