[Listen] Sneaky Situtations: He Threw It Away!Alison doesn't know what to do when she found out he threw away the toothbrush she left.
[Listen] Sneaky Situtations: Should I Leave Something At His House?Alison wants to take her relationship to the next level, but is this a good idea?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: There's An App For ThatNicole was told by a friend that her boyfriend is online dating!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Co-WorkerJessica keeps getting hit on by a co-worker and her girlfriend is NOT okay with it!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: College CrushRebecca noticed something weird at her boyfriend's house....
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Money MayhemErica noticed her boyfriend's last check was $500 to his ex! Will she leave him?
[Listen] The Bestie Break-Up: It Had To HappenHave you ever had to break-up with your BEST FRIEND?!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Introductions...When it was time to introduce Jasmine...Michael did NOT say she was his girlfriend...Will he confess they used to date?
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Goodnight TextsWho sent Darrell's girlfriend a goodnight text?? It wasn't him!
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Hitting BasesErika thinks James is up to something for NOT posting on social medz!
[Listen] Surprise Party: It's OVER!After 3 months of dating, Tiffany had a surprise party for her man...it all wrong downhill from there...
[Listen] Sticky Situations: Party Like A RockstarEmily wants to know if her boyfriend is taking their relationship seriously...

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