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Sticky Situations


[Listen] Sticky Situations: Too Close For Comfort

Steve doesn’t understand that friendship is friendship. He still feels weird Amy is besties with Mike…

Chicago’s B96–04/22/2015


[Listen] Sticky Situations: Netflix Binge

Greg feels weird that his gf, Annie uses her ex-boyfriends Netflix account…Is she not over him??

Chicago’s B96–04/15/2015


[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Chauffeur

Roxanne’s boyfriend always gives this girl a ride…Will he word vomit the truth about their relationship??

Chicago’s B96–04/08/2015


[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Gamer

Patrick is a little TOO obsessed with his video games…Will her let Emily view his messages??

Chicago’s B96–04/01/2015


[Listen] Sticky Situations: The Muscle Man

Tara is calling because she feels a little funny that her boyfriend is always going to the gym, but she doesn’t see any results…oops!

Chicago’s B96–03/11/2015


[Listen] Sticky Situations: Ms. Popular

Andrew loves going out with his girlfriend, Lisa. Buuuut, she seems to know E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. like everyone in the world!! It’s like going out with the freakin mayor! When they went out one night some hugged her a […]

Chicago’s B96–03/04/2015

jshow WOrdpress

Sticky Situations: Dinner Theater Spectacular

He got a card in the mail saying, “Thanks for visiting us, come back soon.” She confronted him about it and he denied, denied, denied. Can The J Show catch him up???  

Chicago’s B96–02/11/2015


#FBgirl: A Love Story

Producer Gabe met a girl at an event and she told him that she met her fiance on Facebook!! WAIT WHAT?? Vanessa’s never met the guy EVER! She hasn’t seen him in the human flesh […]

Chicago’s B96–01/26/2015


Sticky Situations: The New Earring

Reese called us up because one day she was at her boyfriend’s house and she saw an earring. The earring was something she’s never seen before, it was something she wouldn’t even buy! She knows […]

Chicago’s B96–01/21/2015


Sticky Situations: The Leather Glove

Dave’s wife, Erika, didn’t let him know the guy who shovels the snow went in the house. He’s seen the way she flirts with him and wants to know why he left his glove! Erika […]

Chicago’s B96–01/14/2015