Sticky Situation


Sticky Situation: A Snowy Situation

Rebecca wanted to visit her boyfriend, Mark, for Super Bowl Sunday, but the huge blizzard had MOST people stay in the house. He told her that he was snowed in and wasn’t able to hang […]

Chicago’s B96–02/04/2015


Sticky Situation: Girlfriend Frenzy

Greg is looking for some answers as his girlfriend, Amy appears to be hooking up with her best GIRLfriend. He was skeptical about some photos and late nights out. *Drum roll* The truth is revealed! Yikes…Does Greg want to […]

Chicago’s B96–01/28/2015


Sticky Situations: Culinary Call Up

Jessica’s boyfriend is in culinary school and it turns out another girl from his class has been liking ALL of his pictures on Instagram! Not only that, she also had a very interesting comment on one of […]

Chicago’s B96–11/05/2014

Sticky Situations - Wednesday's @ 8pm

Sticky Situations: You Can’t Win Them All

Ashley is calling to find out what her boyfriend, Tanner has been up to…It’s finals week and she think’s he’s spending a little too much time with one specific person in the group…Did Tanner admit […]

Chicago’s B96–12/11/2013

Sticky Situations - Wednesday's @ 8am

Sticky Situations: Movie Ticket Edition

Steph from Palos Hills found ticket stubs from a movie her boyfriend, Jeff, went to but she didn’t go with him…who did?

Chicago’s B96–05/09/2012


Sticky Situations: Samantha And Dave From Merrilville

Samantha and Dave met online about a year ago.  Samantha just lost her job and now they are considering moving in together.  Problem is Dave hasn’t invited her over to his house yet…whats the deal?



Sticky Situations: Kim And Graham From Oswego

Kim went through Graham’s phone trying to look for some texts he sent to another girl.  Her friends let her know that he’s been sending naughty texts to them trying to hook up behind her […]


Sticky Situations: Mystery Kid Edition (Parts 1 & 2)

It’s Wednesday….which means Sticky Situations with J & Julian.  This caller wants to know if her man has a child that he hasn’t told her about.  J & Julian help her get to the bottom […]