B96 Cares! Benefits of BreastfeedingBreastfed babies are at lower risk for asthma, obesity, and certain infections.
B96 Cares! Teens Take The Wheel
B96 Cares! Help Kids With Muscular Dystrophy!Kids need time to have fun and play, even ones with muscular dystrophy.
B96 Cares! Fatherhood Is ImportantFatherhood is important to your child’s upbringing!
This Is What Your Parents Think You're Doing On Your Phone All The Time!Wait... my parents think I'm doing WHAT!?
B96 Cares! Cares! How Is Your Baby’s Oral Health?Just because your child is a baby doesn’t mean they shouldn’t see a dentist.
B96 Cares! Help Prevent Childhood Injuries!More than 9,000 children and teens die from injuries each year in the United States.
B96 Cares! The Dangers Of Distracted Driving!Did you know that distracted driving is one of the three primary contributing factors to teen driver deaths, along with the use of alcohol and not wearing a seatbelt?
B96 Cares! Children & Fire Safety!Do you know that children under age 5 are twice as likely as the rest of us to die in a home fire?
B96 Cares! Children Need More Fruits and Vegetables!Good eating habits developed in childhood can last a lifetime, but getting children to eat their fruits and vegetables is a common problem.
B96 Cares! October is SIDS Awareness Month In IllinoisOctober is SIDS Awareness Month In Illinois.
[Listen] Stay At Home Mom: The CompromiseAndrew gives Nicki a compromise on staying at home!
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