B96 Cares! Just How Healthy Is Your Child's Heart?Research shows that more and more 12 to 15 year olds have arteries that are similar to that of a 45 year old.
When's The Perfect Time To Introduce Your SigFig To Your Parents?When is the perfect time to introduce your sigfig to your family? 
B96 Cares! Know The Warning Signs of A Concussion!A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects how your brain works.
B96 Cares! End The Bullying of Students With DisabilitiesOver 85 percent of students with disabilities have experienced some form of bullying.
B96 Cares! End Distracted DrivingMore than 90% of teens say their parents will frequently drive distracted with them in the car.
B96 Cares! The Benefits of A Drug Free LifestyleThe Foundation for a Drug-Free World empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.
B96 Cares! Getting Low Cost Health Insurance For Your Kids!Look, you’ll never completely stop worrying about your kids…
[Listen] Booty Boost: Mom Said No, So Dad Said Yes. Will She Back Out On The Plastic Surgery?Will she go through with the surgery? 
B96 Cares! ADHD in Young Children: What You Should KnowChildren diagnosed with ADHD may be overly active or have trouble paying attention or controlling their behavior.
Booty Boost: Would You Pay For Your Daughter's Plastic Surgery?Will her mom cave in and pay for it?
B96 Cares! The Benefits of Breast FeedingProper nutrition is critical for the early growth and development of a newborn.
B96 Cares! Coping With A Crying ChildIf you've been around a baby who won't stop crying, you know there's potential to get frustrated.

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