B96 Cares! Getting Help For A Loved One With An Alcohol Problem

Drugs and Alcohol may make you forget your problems, but your problems are still there! For drug and alcohol treatment for you or someone you love, call 1-800-662-HELP.  Recovery will help you be there for […]



B96 Cares! Preventing Pregnancy In Younger Teens

Teen births in the U.S. are declining, still, in 2012, more than 86,000 teens ages 15 to 17 gave birth. Giving birth during the teen years has been linked to increased medical risks and emotional, […]


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Entertainment Report: Taylor Swift’s Parentals Are Awful

  According to a new article, Taylor Swift’s parents are AWWW-FUL people!!!  Apparently they are super hard to deal with, their expectations are enormous and they are almost impossible to please!!!  Talk about embarrassing parents!!  Do […]

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B96 Cares! Good Sportsmanship Is What’s Important In High School Sports!

Remember this, in high school sports it’s not just about X’s and O’s. It’s not about who wins and losses. It’s about character and sportsmanship! Always remember that in high school sports it’s not the […]



B96 Cares! Prom Season Is Approaching, So Be Safe!

Prom season will soon be here, so remember to keep it safe on Prom Night! Having the time of your life shouldn’t cost you your life! Don’t let underage drinking destroy that memory! We all […]



B96 Cares! Help Fight Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity rates have begun to decrease in many states among our nation’s low-income preschoolers. The federal WIC program has improved nutritional standards, and communities across the nation are taking action—increasing breastfeeding rates, improving nutrition […]



B96 Cares! Preschool Flu Prevention

In the U.S., many young children go to day-care centers and preschools; these environments put them at higher risk for influenza. Children under five can have serious complications from the flu, including hospitalization and even […]



B96 Cares! Does Your Child Have Whopping Cough?

Pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, is a very serious disease, especially for infants. It’s often spread to babies from older kids or adults who may not even know they have it. Whooping cough […]



B96 Cares! Help Support Your Local Boys & Girls Clubs!

Is your child looking for a place where they belong? That place may just be your local Boys and Girls Clubs!  They can help with academics, health and even character! There’s over 4,000 clubs nationwide […]



B96 Cares! Are You Investing In Your Child’s Mental Wellness?

Parents today are pulled in all kinds of directions, whether it’s work, home or other responsibilities. That leaves many parents thinking they don’t have enough time for their children. But even small acts of kindness, […]