Opening Of New U.S. Embassy

Was Hashtaging #MERICA This Weekend Disrespectful Or Funny?

Every time we opened Instagram, Facebook or Twitter this weekend we saw #MERICA  instead of #AMERICA.  When MERICA is said in a Hank Hill hillbilly voice it’s funny….or is it???  Some people were offended by […]


(Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)

Ashton Kutcher Under Fire for Popchips Ad

The Indian community is not happy with Ashton Kutcher today after he did an ad for Popchips impersonating an Indian man. They claim the ad is offensive while Popchips says they never meant to offend […]


Radio Perez Update: More Perez Beef, This Time With Chelsea Handler

Perez Hilton details the beef that he has with VMA host Chelsea Handler, how much [lastfm]Jennifer Lopez[/lastfm] is reportedly getting paid to be a judge on Idol and OMG moment when it comes to [lastfm]Lady […]