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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Announces His Run For Vice-President!Today, I stand before you, not as a TV host or a father or an amazing lover — the best lover, for sure — but as an American citizen.
Jimmy Kimmel Will Host The 2016 Emmy Awards!So what can we expect from Kimmel? Mean tweets? Lie witness news?
Watch: Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" Takes On Baby Saint West!Jimmy Kimmel premiered a new "Lie Witness News" yesterday and it might be his best yet.
WATCH: Marty McFly And Doc Brown Think 2015 Sucks!They traveled from 1985 and landed smack dab on the Jimmy Kimmel show!
WATCH: Josh Groban Hilariously Sings Donald Trump's Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel!It's almost like that time he sang all of Kanye's tweets!
Jimmy Kimmel Charts the Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj Beef with EmojisLeave it to Jimmy Kimmel to break down a complex issue in terms we can understand.
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel & James Corden Parody Kim Kardashian's Letter To Herself!Remember when Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her future self? These comedians def wrote better ones.
Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Bidding Farewell to His Idol David LettermanKimmel choked up last night as he bid farewell to Letterman during his monologue. "Even though it looked like every other talk show, it wasn't. It was totally original."
Rihanna Pulls Epic April Fools' Prank on Jimmy Kimmel: WatchRihanna pulled an epic April Fools' joke on Jimmy Kimmel early Tuesday morning night with the help of some of his own employees.
President Obama's "Mean Tweets" With Jimmy KimmelWe've all seen and laughed our faces off at Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" ~ even President Obama! Check out him doing his own right here!
President Obama Reads Means Tweets: WatchThis could be the granddaddy of all of Jimmy Kimmel's celebrity "Mean Tweets" segments.
David Spade & Michael McDonald Also Don't Like Kanye WestMichael McDonald went off, saying "You ain't got the answers, 'Ye! You ain't got the answers." Just kidding. But he doesn't approve of West's behavior.

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