Jimmy Kimmel Mocks United Airlines With Ad After Passenger Dragged off Plane"Give us a problem, and we’ll drag your a** off the plane."
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10 Things To Know Before Watching Tonight's OscarsHappy Oscars! The biggest night in movies is tonight! These 10 things will make you want to watch the show to look for them! See what they are here!
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Jimmy Kimmel Will Host the 2017 OscarsJimmy Kimmel is headed to the Oscars!
Jimmy Kimmel Is Back W/ His ‘I Ate All Of Your Halloween Candy’ SegmentJimmy Kimmel brought back his ‘Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy’ segment, and, as always, it doesn’t disappoint!!
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Sends Guillermo To Sluggers In Wrigleyville To Chat With Cubs FanWHO was at Sluggers in Wrigleyville when Guillermo was there?!
President Obama Takes on Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets"This guy has probably heard it all.
Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News Asked People About The Presidential Debate Before It HappenedThis just shows you how many people don't actually KNOW what's happening with the election.
Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in the BedroomRhianna pulled a similar prank on Kimmel.
DJ Khaled has Ridiculous Answers to Ridiculous QuestionsKhaled displays his fine tuned humor in a new segment with Jimmy Kimmel.
Who Parodied Kanye West's 'Famous' Video Better Colbert or Kimmel?The late night hosts created similar roasts of Kanye's latest music video.

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