New Couple Alert for Noah Cyrus? With Who?!When Noah Cyrus came to our Summerbash she was single...but does she have a man now? Is it THIS B96 artist? Find out here!
REJOICE! "Friends" Reruns Are Headed To MTV"Friends" will be airing on MTV starting in 2017.
WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Crashes SNL To Stop Cast Member’s Rachel Impression!Will the real Rachel Green please stand up?
WATCH: Fan Created an Alternate "Friends" Episode Where Chandler Dies & Lives As a GhostIt may seem bleak, but it keeps the light-hearted format while being existential.
Watch Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Dominate ‘Friends’ TriviaDuring an appearance on Celebrity Name Game last week, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were tested with a Friends trivia round.
Check Out This Adorable Proposal Based On The TV Show "Friends"No better place than Monica and Chandler's apartment!
This Is What Janice From "Friends" Sounds Like In Real LifeCan her voice BE any more annoying?
Which "Friends" Cast Member Does Matt LeBlanc Talk To All The Time?Matt LeBlanc, who played beloved Joey Tribiani in Friends, revealed that he still talks to ONE co-star all the time!
Study Says You Can Only Have 5 Best Friends At A time!Sorry Taylor Swift but your "girl squad" isn't really a thing according to science.
PICS: There Was A Mini "Friends" Reunion In London This Weekend!
Is A "Friends" Reunion In The Works? Jennifer Aniston Dishes!Is Jennifer Aniston down for a "Friends" reunion?
"Friends" Is Finally Getting An Unauthorized Musical In Chicago!I'll be there for you - when you finally get a musical.

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