Is It Any Surprise That Kanye West Threw A Temper Tantrum At The GRAMMYs Last Night?

Click here to see what he said about BECK and Beyonce AFTER the GRAMMYs!!!


Opening Of New U.S. Embassy

Was Hashtaging #MERICA This Weekend Disrespectful Or Funny?

Every time we opened Instagram, Facebook or Twitter this weekend we saw #MERICA  instead of #AMERICA.  When MERICA is said in a Hank Hill hillbilly voice it’s funny….or is it???  Some people were offended by […]


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Chicago Blackhawks Forgive Justin Bieber

…for being disrespectful and stepping all over the logo when taking pics of The Stanley Cup!!! They actually released a statement: “As frequently happens with guests into our room, Justin inadvertently stepped on the team […]


Entertainment Report: Britney Spears on Glee!

Showbiz Shelly has all the highlights from [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm]’ appearance on Glee last night!  She also tells you who got the boot from Dancing With The Stars, where [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan [/lastfm]is this morning and the […]