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[Listen] Sexy Sheeran Talk: Melissa From O’Hare

Can you guess if Carmen is saying something sexy or Sheeran??



[Listen] Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Traveling Troubles

Carmen is calling because she’s trying to confirm a business flight for a photo-shoot. But the client throws a curve ball at her! Where’s the baby gunna sit??

Chicago’s B96–03/10/2015


[Listen] Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Wrestling The Recruiter

Carmen wants her son to go to college. She calls this recruiter for help, but persuasion isn’t her strongest skill…

Chicago’s B96–03/09/2015

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Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Park Patrol

Today, Carmen is calling to volunteer to join the local park patrol. Frustration settles in as she inquires about which weapon she will be outfitted with on duty. What weapon should Carmen use to protect the park?? […]

Chicago’s B96–01/08/2015

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Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Moody Move

Carmen calls a customer interested in her moving company only to find out that it was the customer’s ex-girlfriend who actually called for the service. Tempers flare as Carmen tries to give him an estimate for […]

Chicago’s B96–01/05/2015

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Carmen’s 7AM Crank Call: Pet Reindeer

Carmen’s calling the pet store because she decided to get her son a reindeer for Christmas. She needs some tips on feeding it. I don’t think she realizes the challenge of taking care of a […]

Chicago’s B96–12/22/2014

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Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Christmas Pics

Carmen wants to make the perfect Christmas card with the girls. She calling the photography shop to see if they have ALL the props they need. Unfortunately, there isn’t a naughty Santa backdrop…Will she get […]

Chicago’s B96–12/19/2014

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Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Holiday Tip$

Carmen is calling to remind people to give her a holiday tip…as in MONEY. It’s Christmas season and everyone gets a little holiday bonus, but hers is missing! Will her call grant some X-mas magic […]

Chicago’s B96–12/18/2014

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Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Bed & Breakfast

Carmen is calling the B&B she’ll be staying at on vacation…she wanted to call to make sure he has everything she’ll need for the perfect stay. Hopefully, he won’t mind some honeymoon loving next door. […]

Chicago’s B96–12/17/2014


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Vespa Volunteer

Carmen is calling a woman to let her know her EX-boyfriend volunteered her to co-sign a Vespa purchase. Looks like he put her down this morning after being apart for a while! There’s no way she’s […]

Chicago’s B96–12/16/2014