Carmen Calls

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Carmen’s 7AM Crank Call: Acupuncture

Carmen is on probation and can’t smoke the wackey tabackey anymore, so she’s looking for a new way to get some excitement…a human pin cushion should work!


Cramen’s 7am Crank Call: Horsing Around!

Carmen calls someone about delivering a horse to their place.  Problem is, the caller didn’t order a horse and on top of that, she lives in an apartment!


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Carmen Gets Worked Up In A Lather!

Carmen calls to get a job as a shampoo girl, but is a little offended when she finds out that a  shampoo girl has to do more than shampoo!


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Are These Your Keys

Carmen calls a guy that left his keys behind at her apartment.  Problem is, this guy’s girlfriend picks up the call!


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Dive, Dive Dive!

Carmen’s looking for some scuba gear, but what she’s looking for and what this caller has seem to be two different things.  As always seems to be the case with Carmen, that causes an argument!


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Carmen Tries To Work It Out!

Carmen calls a local gym to join an excercise program but is a little confused over just what she’ll be working out while she’s there!


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Carmen Wants To Be An Art Teacher!

Carmen calls to get a job with an after school program as an art teacher.  But it’s the kind of art that will probably stop her from getting this job.  Carmen wants to teach the […]


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Carmen’s On The Move

Carmen calls to get a job at a moving company, but she doesn’t really want to move anything.  Think that’ll cause a problem with the employer that she’s trying to get hired with?


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Pay Those Late Fees!

Carmen calls from a video store about some late fees.  She tells this caller that the fees and extra charges are now in the thousands and the caller doesn’t believe it!


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Is Carmen A Member Of The Board (Games)?

Carmen calls to join a board game tournament but takes things a little too sexual when she starts talking about it.  Who knew Monopoly could be sexual?