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Radio Perez Update: Reverend Snooki

Snooki is WHAT?? Yes. The Jersey Shore star is ordained as a minister. Wow. She did it all to be pro-active for gay marriages. Her hairstylist will be the first couple she’ll wed! Would you […]

Chicago’s B96–20 hours ago


#FBgirl: A Love Story

Producer Gabe met a girl at an event and she told him that she met her fiance on Facebook!! WAIT WHAT?? Vanessa’s never met the guy EVER! She hasn’t seen him in the human flesh […]

Chicago’s B96–21 hours ago


Showbiz Smackdown: Danielle From Lemont

Shelly had a BIG space cadet moment today and couldn’t get it together, blame it on Monday! If Danielle got this question right she woulda gotten the cash!!! Last month, Maroon 5 drove around L.A., […]

Chicago’s B96–21 hours ago


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Sitter Set-up

Carmen is calling a babysitter to see if she’s free to sit for the weekend. A friend referred the sitter to Carmen, but told her that she was French. Carmen goes a little too far […]

Chicago’s B96–21 hours ago

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The J Show Talks With JLo About Her New Movie

Jennifer Lopez talked with us this morning about being a producer and actress in the movie, “The Boy Next Door.” We recapped a video of her walk-in closet. UGH. It’s every woman’s dream…she has SOOO many […]

Chicago’s B96–22 hours ago

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Entertainment Reports: 1/26/15

Why you mad bro? Kanye West explains how he doesn’t smile at the Fashion LA Awards. He started by saying, back when he was working on ‘Yeezus’ he saw a book from the 1800’s with […]

Chicago’s B96–22 hours ago

(Ben Watts for Warner Bros. Records)

Radio Perez Update: SYTYCD Has New Judges

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ has new judges for its 12th season. Legendary, Paula Abdul and our B96 buddy, Jason Derulo will be critiquing the incredible dancers. Yesss, great picks!!! The twist for this season is…they’ll have […]

Chicago’s B96–01/23/2015

(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Michigan Avenue Magazine)

The J Show Talks with Kristin Cavallari About Judging Miss Universe

Hey girl hey!! Kristin is PUMPED about the Miss Universe pageant. She says, “I was that girl growing up that was watching it all the time and now I get to judge it!” Ahh so […]

Chicago’s B96–01/23/2015


Carmen’s 7am Crank Call: Property Management

Carmen is calling a property manger because she needs some of her property to be managed. Not the entire house, only the back yard. Her neighbor’s pet keeps creeping onto the grass. Will the agent be […]

Chicago’s B96–01/23/2015


Entertainment Reports: 1/23/15

It is MOVIE DAY! What’s out? Well…It’s battle of the Jennifer’s in the box office today! Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Cake’…which she got Oscar snubbed for. And of course, B96’s hit artist Jennifer Lopez’ new movie, “Boy Next […]

Chicago’s B96–01/23/2015


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