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[Listen] Is Justin Bieber Crossing Over To Politics?

Will Justin Bieber become a political associate?

Chicago’s B96–08/22/2017

[Watch] Celine Dion Leaves Us In Tears With Emotional Performance At #BBMAS

Celine Dion performs “My Heart Will Go On.”

Chicago’s B96–05/22/2017

[Listen] One Tweet Leads Nicki Minaj To Give Fans Exactly What They Want

Nicki Minaj is paying tuition!

Chicago’s B96–05/08/2017

[Listen] Jason Derulo Gets Kicked Off A Plane

Jason Derulo gets kicked off a plane because he wanted them to turn around to get his luggage!

Chicago’s B96–02/09/2017

[Listen] Showbiz Shelly Update For 12/08/16

Hairspray Live debuted last night on NBC.

Chicago’s B96–12/08/2016

[Listen] Radio Perez: Lorde Wants To Spill Her Guts On Her New Music

Lorde updates us that new music IS on its way!

Chicago’s B96–11/09/2016

[Listen] Wheel Of Impersonations: Shannon From Plainfield

Shannon has ZERO acting experience, but wants to test the waters!

Chicago’s B96–08/23/2016

[Listen] Radio Perez: Lamar Odom Gets Booted

Khloe Kardashian is ready to get Lamar Odom OUT the door.

Chicago’s B96–07/12/2016

[Listen] Showbiz Shelly Update For 6/3/16

More DEETS on the Taylor Swift split!

Chicago’s B96–06/03/2016

[Listen] Showbiz Smackdown: Jennifer From Wicker Park

Ticket sales for Kobe Bryant’s last game are skyrocketing! What team does the 20-year NBA star play on?

Chicago’s B96–04/12/2016

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