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Showbiz Shelly Was At Speedy Cash In Chicago From 11-1 PM! Listeners Entered To Win Tickets To See Taylor Swift! Speedy Cash Raffled Off Some Great Prizes Too! Check Out All The Fun We Had In These Photos!

Showbiz Shelly At Speedy Cash In Chicago

B96 Street Mix–07/21/2015


[Listen] Showbiz Smackdown: Kelly From Lake Bluff

A$AP Rocky and Rod Stewart joined James Corden in carpool karaoke. A$AP Rocky is featured on the song “Good For You.” “Good For You” is the new single of what pop star?


(Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

[Listen] Showbiz Shelly Updates For 4/15/15

Rihanna got caught doing some druggiezzz at Coachella…we think…

Chicago’s B96–04/15/2015

Anthony Rizzo #44 of the Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

[Listen] Kick-Off The Cubs Opener With Brad Zibung

The Heckler’s founder, Brad Zibung talks about the 107th Annual Next Year Day.

Chicago’s B96–03/25/2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.29.50 PM

Vince Vaughn Talks Polar Plunge and His New Movie “Unfinished Business”

Vince Vaughn tells us what’s going on with True Detective and his new movie “Unfinished Business” in theaters this Friday, March 7th.



[Listen] Second Chance Romance: Jeff’s Drunken Affair

Jeff is BEGGING for forgiveness!! Apparently he got too drunk and started to hit on his gf’s best friend…BEST friend when he said he was at a business meeting! He understands why he got dumped, […]

Chicago’s B96–03/02/2015


Showbiz Smackdown: Catherine from Melrose Park

Chicago, LA, no matter where she is, Shelly continues to win at Smackdown. Maybe the sunshine boosted her energy… Britney Spears is modeling for her own lingerie line. What hotel hosts her Vegas residency?

Chicago’s B96–02/05/2015


Showbiz Smackdown: Ashley From Valpariso

The cash stash keeps on racking up! However, Shelly had a brain fart on this one… Will Ferrell nailed a cheerleader in the face in filming a new movie. What show started his career?

Chicago’s B96–01/23/2015

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Entertainment Report: 11/19/2014

The Sexiest Man in America is NOT J Niice OR Puerto Rican Producer Gabe (Guess this isn’t an official poll lol) but he is pretty SEXY!! Who do you think won the award?? Who would […]

Chicago’s B96–11/19/2014


Showbiz Shelly Interview With Bea Miller

Bea Miller opened up for Demi Lovato during Demi’s “Demi Lovato: World Tour” concert!