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Whatever Interview With Jerzy

What’s it like partying with a Llama?

Chicago’s B96–09/11/2014


Photo: OMG Vanilla Ice Cream Truck!

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday…

Chicago’s B96–09/10/2014


Photos: Adventures With Jerzy Part 3

Got trapped In a giant hamster ball then got to DJ a party in a Pizza Hut….how was your weekend?

Chicago’s B96–09/09/2014


#TBBBBBBBT Taking You Way Back

As a young nugget, I had dreams of being a professional hockey player when I grew up. Then I learned DJ’s get more chicks :)

Chicago’s B96–09/04/2014


VIDEO: Adventures With Jerzy Part 2

Got kidnapped and been popping up in some extraordinary places.

Chicago’s B96–09/03/2014

Camera Phone Pics 1

#TBT Jerzy’s First Day At B96

Taking you back to my not so pleasant first days at B96.

Chicago’s B96–08/28/2014


Jerzy’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Beyond all the fun of dumping a bucket filled with ice cold water on your head, don’t forget to donate at

Chicago’s B96–08/27/2014


Jerzy At Wizard World Comic Con Chicago

Shared a pizza with Spider-Man, got Wonder Woman’s phone number and took a selfie with Slimer. How was your weekend?

Chicago’s B96–08/26/2014


Jerzy’s Travel Tips

Summer is almost over but it’s still not too late to plan that last minute vacation. He’s some do’s and don’t’s from your unofficial travel expert :)

Chicago’s B96–08/22/2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.14.56 AM

Miley Fans Be Like….

Going to the show tonight? Hi-five this girl if you see her.

Chicago’s B96–08/14/2014


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