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Photo: The Worst Hair Day Ever!

We’re not getting along today…

Chicago’s B96–10/09/2014


Photo: Jerzy’s Amazing Blood Moon Pic

Snapped this crazy pic of the ‘Blood Moon’ last night. Did you see it?

Chicago’s B96–10/08/2014


Photo: What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what celebrity you looked like? Check out ‘Alike’, I would say my results are pretty dead accurate.

Chicago’s B96–10/07/2014


Jerzy’s Fitness Tips

We all know It’s not easy to stay fit after the summer months. Thankfully there’s a new app that can help you stay on top of your game!

Chicago’s B96–10/02/2014


Jerzy’s Travel Tips Part 3

My travels took me to the island of Montreal this past weekend. Here are some dos and don’ts while visiting other countries ;)

Chicago’s B96–10/01/2014

photo 4

Jerzy At Six Flags Fright Fest

Fright Fest at Six Flags was on 100 this year! Make sure you get the poop scared out of you, weekends now thru Nov 2nd.

Chicago’s B96–09/30/2014


Jerzy’s Travel Tips Part 2

Here’s another tip from your very unofficial travel professional.

Chicago’s B96–09/25/2014


VIDEO: Adventures With Jerzy Part 4

The coolest town that never existed.

Chicago’s B96–09/24/2014


Whatever Interview With Jerzy

What’s it like partying with a Llama?

Chicago’s B96–09/11/2014


Photo: OMG Vanilla Ice Cream Truck!

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday…

Chicago’s B96–09/10/2014


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