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#TBT Jerzy And The Hat

So apparently Pharrell doesn’t age…

Chicago’s B96–12/18/2014


Jerzy’s Adventures In DC

Yooo just got back from Obama’s house, check out all the pics after the jump.

Chicago’s B96–12/17/2014


Trippy Tuesday

I’ve missed you blog! I’m back, and I’ve documented some of my recent adventures….but first let me take a selfie.

Chicago’s B96–12/16/2014

Chris Brown

#TBT Jingle Bash

Saturday is the BIG day! Can’t wait to take more embarrassing selfies with everyone. :)

Chicago’s B96–12/04/2014

photo 3.PNG

What We REALLY Do At Staff Meetings

Take a LOT of selfies…

Chicago’s B96–12/03/2014


What DJ’s Really Do…

Ever wonder what DJ’s REALLY do up there????

Chicago’s B96–12/02/2014


Jerzy’s Future Child

He’s got his mothers legs :)

Chicago’s B96–11/26/2014


Jerzy’s Winter Fashion

Freezing in Chicago, had to upgrade my scarf game! He wasn’t happy…

Chicago’s B96–11/25/2014

#TBT When I Got Photo Bombed By Dory

#TBT When I Got Photobombed By Dory

Nemo was somewhere in there too

Chicago’s B96–11/20/2014


The Night I Became One Of The #Joebros

I’ll Take It

Chicago’s B96–11/19/2014


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