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WATCH: Are These The Sexiest Male Dance Moves?

According to research, if you do these moves, you will be catnip.


Tiger Woods made his return to golf at the 2010 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, on Thursday.

VIDEO: Model Sues After Golf Ball Shot Off Booty Goes Bad

She want’s $500K after a stunt involving a golf ball being smacked from between her cheeks goes bad!


(NICHOLAS KAMM/Getty Images)

Well This Is Awkward: See The Rest of Lindsay Lohan’s “List”

Find out who was under those blacked out sections.


Bikini (YURY SAMOLYGO/AFP/Getty Images)

Target’s Bikini Photoshop FAIL

I don’t have girl parts but I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to look like how they ended up in the ad.


(Photo courtesy Miami Beach Police Department)

VIDEO: The Bieber Deposition

Bieber gave his deposition today in the case concerning his body guard beating up a paparazzi. You won’t believe the way he acts.


Vang Family Living In The U.S.A

VIDEO: Little Kid Blows Everyone Away On A Random Piano In Costco

This kid does what I’ve always wished I could do on a random piano in a Costco! Crazy!


mcdonalds 025

Man Sues McD’s for $1.5 Mil For Getting Napkin Stiffed

He says it’s caused him “undue mental anguish.”


Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone

Intern Marisa’s Tinder Date Sent Her A Poem!

I think it’s brilliant! She thinks it’s creepy! Read it.



Guess What The New Hot Hipster Craze Is?

Hint: It’s kind of like Locks of Love but for Hipster Beards.


Girl Scouts sell cookies at a stand. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Genius Girl Scouts Sell Cookies Outside Legal Marijuana Dispensary

Guess how many they sold in two hours?