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HEX YOUR EX AUDIO: Hellfurion, The Modern Day Witch On The Show

HEX YOUR EX! Did you miss the hour Hellfurion, modern day WITCH was on? Hear it and grab the SPELLS to put on your Ex here.


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Lady Confuses Pepper Spray For Deodorant

Are you sure, or unsure? She wasn’t.


(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Olympic Speed Skater Forgot She Was NAKED Under Her Jacket

She was SO excited that she won, she forgot she didn’t wear anything under her jacket.


Taken by Jason Cage

Jason Cage Found These Shocking ‘Dibs’ Signs In Parking Spots By His House!

Did you hear about the lady who left the MEAN note in her “Dibs” parking spot threatening to bust the windows out of anyone’s car who parked there?  Well look what I found by my [...]


(JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

If You Answer ‘Yes’ To These Questions You May Have Caffeine Use Disorder

According to the official diagnosis books, these are the three criteria for Caffeine Use Disorder.


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PHOTO: Is This A Ghost? Cops Call House Portal To Hell.

Our Midday DJ Nikki mentioned this story today. Exorcist called after boy ‘walked up wall backwards’ in Gary Ind! We got a hold of a picture the cops took!


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VIRAL VIDEO: Lawyer’s EpicSauce Local Super Bowl Commercial

If you happened to watch the Big Game in Savannah Ga, you had the pleasure of watching this local guy’s epic commercial.


Daft Punk at Monaco F1 Race (Boris Horvat/AFP)

PICS: Daft Punk Without The Helmet

Wonder what’s under that robot suit?


Test Paper

The Online Bipolar Test

I got a 23! Uh oh. I have no idea how scientific this actually is, but take it and find out!


(Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Audio: Lorde’s Little Sis Can Sing Too!

Links to her Soundcloud are going around today. Girl has pipes too!