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The Royal Wedding Dress Exhibtion

Wedding Cake In The Face Gone SUPER Bad

This guy is getting BLASTED for this video. The ole’ cake in the face bit goes bad BIG TIME.



AUDIO: Woops, Someone Found The Non Autotune Version of Britney’s New Song

Someone got a hold of the pre-autotune version of Brit Bri’s new song.



VIDEO: Kids React To A Game Boy

Watch some kids wonder what the huh a Game Boy is.


Michael Jordan Marries Yvette Prieto In Palm Beach

PICS: Bridesmaid Panty Shots The Hot New Thing At Weddings?

Geeze, what happened to the just catching the bouquet shot?



PIC: Dude With Sexy Mugshot Goes Viral

Prompting women to say: Omg he’s waaaaay to sexy to go in a cell.


Surveillance Camera Photographs Two Men Identified By Authorities

VIDEO: Elevator Malfunction Slams It Into The Roof

It tried to become a Wonkavator


(Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

VIDEO: Sir Mix-A-Lot Does “Baby Got Back” With Full On Orchestra

He teamed up with the Seattle Symphony to bring his butt song back.


(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

LATE NIGHT JAM: Gangnam Style Psy Is Back With “Hangover” Featuring SNOOP!

Mr. Ompa himself is back with new tunes! Now with more Snoop!


(Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)

VIDEO: Bieber’s Super Racist Remix Song

Another video came out today of Bieber being mind-blowingly racist.


President Obama Meets With Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowen

SHUT UP: This Kid Plays Game Of Thrones Theme On Pots And Pans

Some say besides getting drunk, this is the second best use for wine glasses.



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