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VIDEO: Girl JAMS MJ Cover Just By Looping Her Voice

Kawehi just chills on her bed and blows us away with a MJ cover just by looping her voice.

12 hours ago


VIDEO: Police Helicopter Discovers A Candlelight Marriage Proposal

A helicopter with night vision happened to be flying over!



HA Dad Records Daughter’s Selfie Taking Session

Uh oh, good luck walking through school now.


First Barman's Festival Held In Tel Aviv

What A Girl’s Drink Says About Her

What do you order? This is what it says about you.


Iggy Azalea faces the ice (Courtesy Iggy Azalea's Instagram)

VIDEO: Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS: Bucket 1 Them 0

They should have just donated.


Happy Feet 2 - Australian Premiere

VIDEO: Robin Williams Pulled A Kanye At A TED Talk And Stole The Show

Robin Williams unexpectedly jumped out of the crowd at a TED talk and did a full set of improv comedy!


Tiger Woods made his return to golf at the 2010 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, on Thursday.

Would YOU Ever Cheat? This Quiz Can Tell

Think you have some cheater in you? This quiz finds out.



VIDEO: The Obama Singing Iggy Fancy Mashup

Obama sings Iggy’s Fancy. Nuff said.


Ronnie and Sammi back together after late night of Canoodling at club in Italy

How To Know If A Girl is Wife Material

Wondering how you know when you found the one? This guy has figured out the perfect mix of HOT vs CRAZY


The Royal Wedding Dress Exhibtion

Wedding Cake In The Face Gone SUPER Bad

This guy is getting BLASTED for this video. The ole’ cake in the face bit goes bad BIG TIME.



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