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Shia 005 cropped for web

Shia LaBeouf Has Scary Run In With a Stalker

SHIA LABEOUF called 911 to report a stalker at his house . . . while said stalker was RIGHT THERE. The woman was at Shia’s door, so close to him that he even had interrupt [...]


Viva Forever - Press Night Arrivals

Victoria Beckham Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

This is great because we always see her so poised. Victoria Beckham did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and her sons and hubby David Beckham through the water on her. Watch it below!


Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show

Entertainment Report: Pay To Play At The Big Game??

The Big Football game that happens at the end of the NFL season, you know the one with the awesome halftime performances?!?! Well now they are asking the performers to PAY if they want the [...]

Chicago’s B96–08/20/2014

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Showbiz Smackdown: Shadia From Oswego

Shadia is a fellow Jamaican like J Niice…can the Caribbean Connection team up to Smack Down Shelly??  

Chicago’s B96–08/20/2014

Iggy Azalea faces the ice (Courtesy Iggy Azalea's Instagram)

A Compilation of Ice Bucket Fails

This is hilarious! Someone put together a montage of people failing while trying to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. We did it the other day and it was COLD. To see The J Show doing [...]


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Entertainment Report: Kourtney Kardashian Moves Family

Kourtney Kardashian bought her home from former NFL’er Keyshawn Johnson and now she’s having some serious problems with it.  The problems are so bad…she had to move her ENTIRE family out of the house!! What [...]

Chicago’s B96–08/20/2014


Entertainment Report: New DWTS Judge

A former Dancing With The Stars dancer will now be a judge on the show!! Is it a feminine female or a masculine male?? Who do you think is joining the show?

Chicago’s B96–08/19/2014

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Showbiz Smackdown: Matt From Yorkville

Showbiz Shelly lost yesterday so she’s out for blood…SORRY MATT!!! You WILL be a victim today lol…Can Shelly TOTALLY redeem herself??    

Chicago’s B96–08/19/2014

Taylor Swift

Entertainment Report: Taylor Swift Talks New Album

Taylor Swift dropped her first single off her new album “1989” yesterday called “Shake it off.” She was on Live Stream w/ Yahoo last night talking everything from naming the album to creating JUST pop [...]

Chicago’s B96–08/19/2014


Entertainment Report: Ice Bucket Challenge For ALS

The Ice Bucket challenge has taken the world by storm with everyone from Lebron James to Oprah taking part in all the fun!! Listen to audio from some of your fav celebs as they take [...]

Chicago’s B96–08/18/2014



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