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Radio Perez Update: Selena Gomez Breaks Ties With The Jenner Girls

Seems like Selena Gomez has broken up with someone else recently..the Jenner girls that is.  Looks like BFF’s Selena and Kendall and Kylie have called their friendship quits!!  Selena unfollowed both Jenner’s on Instagram and [...]

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Comcast Entertainment Group's Party For "Keeping Up With The Kardashians/The Spin Crowd� Premiere

Radio Perez Update: Kris Jenner Rocking Wedding Ring

Who says divorces have to be messy?!?  Looks like Kris Jenner is sporting her wedding ring…yet again!!  It also looks like Kris and Bruce Jenner were spotted holding hands not too long ago after a [...]

Chicago’s B96–04/22/2014

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Radio Perez Update: Justin Bieber Is Making Changes

FINALLYYYY…Justin Bieber has finally seen the light!!!  According to reports, Justin is ready to make some changes in his life…and it’s for the better!! The bad influences in his life are being slowly removed, and Justin [...]

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Radio Perez Update: Miley Cryus Still In The Hospital

So much for a Smiley Miley! The popstar currently remains in the hospital, which caused her to cancel ANOTHER concert!!! This allergic reaction must be EXTREME. Poor Miley…we’re sending you some get well vibes girl!  [...]

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Radio Perez Update: Kimye Plan A Double Wedding

Radio Perez Update: Kimye Plan A Double Wedding

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Radio Perez Update: Kylie Jenner Ignores Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kylie Jenner is finished with the plastic surgery rumors.  The 16-year-old reality TV star took it to Twitter to address the  public by reminding everyone that she’s ONLY 16! these plastic surgery rumors hurt my [...]

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Radio Perez Update: Amanda Bynes Update

Amanda Bynes update alert!!!  It was previously reported how Amanda’s lawyer released a statement from her, denying reports that she had been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness.  NOW sources say that Amanda’s mother is LYING!!! [...]

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Katie Holmes  (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.)

Radio Perez Update: Katie Holmes Dating Jason Segel

NEW COUPLE ALERT!!! Katie Holmes is spending a lot of time with How I Met Your Mother actor, Jason Segel.

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Radio Perez Update: Miley Cyrus Finally Feels Free

  Miley Cyrus is opens up in the latest issue of Elle magazine about finally being free from both Liam Hemsworth and Disney!!! Now that she has her freedom Miley tells the mag she’s totes [...]

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Radio Perez Update: Khloe Kardashian’s New Fling

  NEW COUPLE ALERT…NEW COUPLE ALERT.  Khloe Kardashian has been seen spending a lot of time with rapper French Montana!!!  French was even spotted house hunting in Los Angeles AND even took Khloe with him!! [...]

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