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Drake's Memorial Day Party...and Brawl!Drake had a party at his house for Memorial Day! Check out the videos guests captured including an epic girl fight!
Navy Pier's New Ferris Wheel Ruled Memorial Day Weekend!Navy Pier's new ferris wheel, 'Centennial Wheel' opened on Friday and even tho the weather was awful people came in droves to ride! See the insane number of how many here!
WATCH: Fifth Harmony on the Today ShowFifth Harmony performed on the Today Show yesterday morning as part of their Summer Concert series! If you missed it watch here!
[Listen] Showbiz Smackdown: Elizabeth From Lake ForestEva Longoria said her wedding was a very Victoria Beckham weekend. How many times has Longoria been married?
[Listen] Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Un-GraduatedCarmen is calling because she wants to let this student know she didn't complete the required hours for graduation!
[Listen] Showbiz Shelly Update For 5/31/16Adele calls out a fan for filming!
[Listen] Radio Perez: The Biebz Takes Back Hating Award ShowsBieber posts people to vote for him for a Teen Choice Award!
The B96 9 Most Wanted : Summerbash Artist Ariana Grande Dangerous Close to #1Summerbash artist Ariana Grande was dangerously close to the #1 spot tonight on the 9 Most Wanted - so who beat her? Find out here!
The B96 Top 8 at 8 : Selena Gomez Staying PutSelena Gomez's new song "Kill 'Em with Kindness" is sittin pretty at #6 in tonight's Top 8 at 8! So who else joined her? Find out here!
Keke Palmer To Replace Tamar Braxton On The RealKeke Palmer set to host on The Real.
The B96 9 Most Wanted : Justin Timberlake is #1 Again!JT has been #1 across the board and tonight's 9 Most Wanted is no different! See who else joined him here!
The B96 Top 8 at 8 : Perfect Memorial Day SoundtrackEveryone must already be in Memorial Day party mode because tonight's Top 8 at 8 is a blast!! Check it out here!

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