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Union Station Hosts Monopoly Tournament

VOTE: Get Chicago On The New Monopoly Game Board

Monopoly has a new game coming out and it will feature 10 cities on it. The new game is called ‘Here & Now’ and Chicago is already in the top 10! We want to keep […]

19 hours ago

(Mert & Marcus for Interscope Records)

Madonna Is Coming To Chicago

The Queen is coming..the Queen is coming!! Pop tarts will come and go but Madonna will always be the reigning Queen of Pop, even after she dies. Her new album ‘Rebel Heart’ drops March 9th […]



Showbiz Shelly’s Pics From the Polar Plunge

I had exclusive access to all the stars who did this year’s Polar’s Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics! Many cast members from Chicago PD and Chicago Fire were there as well as Chicago actor […]


(Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

GET THE LIST: Chicago Street Names That No One Pronounces Correctly

The girl’s name is Paulina (paul-ee-nah) but when it’s on a Chicago street sign it’s Pauline (paul-eye-nah). It makes no sense but that is just the way it is so we have to deal with […]



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