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B96 Cares! Beware of Ticks!Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of blacklegged ticks and affects up to 300,000 Americans each year.
B96 Cares! How Safe Is Your Baby While It Sleeps?Keep soft bedding out of your baby’s crib!
B96 Cares! Thinking About Adoption?Every child deserves a loving family.
B96 Cares! Underage Drinking PreventionIt's never too early to teach your child about the dangers of underage drinking!
B96 Cares! How To Prevent DiabetesYou don’t have to knock yourself out to prevent diabetes.
B96 Cares! Are You Picking Up After Your Pets?Are you cleaning up after your dog and disposing of their waste properly?
B96 Cares! HIV Testing & Medical Care Can Save Lives!HIV is a serious infection that, without treatment, leads to AIDS and early death.
B96 Cares! Make Sure To Check Your Baby’s Teeth!Your baby’s oral health is important!
B96 Cares! Please Pay Attention To Amber Alerts!The Amber Alert system helps locate missing children.
B96 Cares! Is Your Child Safe From Gangs?Have you talked to your children about gangs?
B96 Cares! Help Stop Dogfighting!Dog fighting is illegal.
B96 Cares! Watch Out For Check FraudThere’s many ways to stop yourself from being fooled by fake checks.

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