B96 Cares! Energy StarHow many homeowners does it take to change to ENERGY STAR-qualified light bulbs?
B96 Cares! Parents, Do Your Children Know About The Dangers Of Inhalants?Parents, teach your children about the dangers of inhalants before it’s too late.
B96 Cares! How To Prepare Safe Food!An estimated 48 million food borne illnesses occur in the US each year.
B96 Cares! Check Fraud Can Happen To Anyone!Don’t be a victim of check fraud!
B96 Cares! Stay Awake Behind The WheelUnfortunately, many people get behind the wheel when they’ve had a long day at work or haven’t gotten enough sleep.
B96 Cares! March Is National Kidney Month!Kidney disease affects more than one in 10 Americans, yet most people with the condition are unaware they have it.
B96 Cares! Child Safety Around EscalatorsEscalators are for the most part safe, but be sure to take extra care when you have a child on an escalator or moving walkway!
B96 Cares! Does Your Child Have Whooping Cough?Pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, is a very serious disease, especially for infants.
B96 Cares! How Safe Is Your Identity?Identity thieves can hit anyone at any time!
B96 Cares! Ever Think About Being An Astronaut?Ever think about being an astronaut?
B96 Cares! Help Prevent SIDS!Whether you put your baby to sleep in a playpen or crib, leave out the soft bedding like comforters, pillows and soft bedding.
B96 Cares! Help Kids With Muscular Dystrophy!Kids need time to have fun and play, even ones with muscular dystrophy.

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