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The B96 9 Most Wanted: Boys VS Girls

Tonight’s 9 Most Wanted was a battle of the sexes! So who won? The Ladies? Or the Guys? Find out here!

Chicago’s B96–05/27/2015

Evening By Sherri Hill - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

The B96 Top 8 at 8: Chains, Cheerleaders, and Talking Bodies – Say What?

Tonight’s Top 8 at 8 had Eh-Vah-Ree-thing from Summerbash artists to DJ Snake! Check out the list made up from your votes right here!

Chicago’s B96–05/27/2015

Britney Spears (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Britney Spears Talks Family, Iggy Azalea and More In A New Interview

Britney talked to the show “The Project” from across the pond about everything from her boys, Iggy Azalea’s accent and her success…all while making the CRAZIEST faces ever! You have to watch!!

Chicago’s B96–05/27/2015

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Maroon 5’s “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” Lyrics

Loving this song but not sure if you’re singing the right lyrics? Or do you not understand it? Get the breakdown here so you can be the big brain of all your friends ;)

Chicago’s B96–05/26/2015

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UPDATED: G.R.L.’s Simone Battle Dead

Fans of G.R.L. were devastated to hear the news this morning that member Simone Battle has passed away! Get the details here!

Chicago’s B96–09/06/2014