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Lauren Jauregui is NOT Okay with Trump’s Latest Executive Order

By Abby Hassler

Fifth Harmony member and activist Lauren Jauregui took to social media to slam President Donald Trump’s recent executive order that curbs the Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement of climate change regulations.

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Jauregui urged her followers to not buy into Trump’s wealth-over-wellbeing outlook and to stop caring more about what celebrities are doing in their personal lives than about the state of the Earth and modern democracy.

“Humans weren’t created to eat money off of the plates of the rich, humans were created to experience life and their beautiful home of planet earth,” she wrote. “They’re brainwashing you into thinking you’ll ever be as rich as them; you won’t be because you will never be as ruthlessly inhumane. The billionaires in our government don’t care that you can’t afford your medication, they don’t care that you’re getting sick because of your water, food, and air being poisoned with an immense amount of chemicals.”

Read Jauregui’s full statement below.


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