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Things & Places Chicago Is Colder Than… Including MARS!

Hell has frozen over in Chicago.

It’s so cold in the Windy City, it’s colder than it is on MARS!

Twitter accounts like @MarxWxReport say that Mars is currently warmer than much of the country including Chicago and even parts of Canada.

Today, Mars is seeing temps of about 17 degrees Fahrenheit, while Chicago is hitting as low as -10, with highs of 13 degrees.

Of course the lows on Mars are -97, which is not something we humans have ever experienced.

Hopefully, the aliens are staying warm!


Other things Chicago is colder than today?

  • A freezer and frozen food. Freezers are kept at 0 degrees F. Sometimes temps drop to -10!
  • The North Pole… Temperatures are currently at -1 F where Santa lives.
  • 15,000 ft in the air – temps are usually about 5* up high in the sky.
  • The Atlantic Ocean – temps vary from about 2.5°C (36.5 F) at the very bottom to about 5°C (41 F) at 3,000 feet.
  • Ice Cold Beer – should be served at temps of 44 F
  • The shade Fifth Harmony is throwing Camila Cabello. It might be cold but Chicago is COLDER.

In conclusion, we’d definitely advise against eating ice cream or drinking a slurpee. You don’t need a brain freeze when you’re actually freezing right?



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