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REVIEW: Fifth Harmony Make Triumphant Landing In Chicago With 7/27 Tour

“All aboard flight 7/27”

Fall crept in on Chicago last night and fans at the FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island were not prepared for it, which was probably a good thing for Fifth Harmony’s merchandise sales.

Would I have seen that many people wearing Fifth Harmony hoodies if it was a warm summer night? Probably not and what a shame it would have been because those hoodies are pretty rad.

Thankfully, the intense wind wasn’t able to put out the fire that was Fifth Harmony!

Normani, Dinah, Camila, Ally and Lauren took us on a trip to Mystery Island and boy, what a trip it was.

There were moments of peace and clarity followed by strong turbulence, vibrations and flashing lights…. and it was welcomed, because you know, we weren’t actually on a plane and in any danger.

In case you didn’t get it yet, Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 tour rolled into town yesterday and it just so happened to be on the heels of the girls huge win at the VMAS – they took home 2 awards.


If you thought the girls weren’t going to thank you for that, you were 100% wrong. In fact. Normani said that the award belonged to all the Harmonizers who fought for them relentlessly. Kind of how they were fighting through the mid-60 degree temps and wind that almost blew Camila and her umbrella away during “Squeeze.” Don’t worry girl, we would have saved you!!!

But lets back it up for a second – before Fifth Harmony graced the stage to a field of screaming kids, teens and bros (yep, not even lying), there were a couple opening acts that are worth being mentioned.

Heartthrob Jake Miller, decked in his OVO hat, performed some of his new music from his upcoming EP “Overnight.” But there definitely wasn’t a shortage of Drake tunes including “One Dance”, which he reconstructed as an acoustic song with some soul.

Up next was JoJo – if you are if your mid 20s, she’s a household name. JoJo’s performance was a treat for the millennials who grew up blasting her 2004 single Leave (Get Out). In a sense, she’s still the same JoJo from that music video… just a little older.

Interesting enough, the songs felt new to both the older crowd and the youngins. You see JoJo was so young when she performed those mature songs that when she sings them as an adult, they have a new meaning.

But it wasn’t all a blast from the past! Like I said, JoJo is older now and gearing up for the release of her upcoming album Mad Love. We’d be lying if we said each tune from that album didn’t make us fall into mad love with her.

As JoJo’s set finished, you could feel the rise of energy, anticipation and nerves, even in a venue that had more space than the usual arena.

At about 9:15, I heard the girl behind me say “what if they don’t show up?” Girl, you need to have more faith in your girls because they SHOWED UP and TURNT UP.

As the lights dimmed, Harmonizers boarded flight 727 to Mystery Island… which I’m 50% sure is in the United Nations somewhere…..

We strapped in our seatbelts and waited for departure as 5 figures strutted on stage to kick things off with their Olympic anthem “That’s My Girl.”

Photo Credit: Angie Domino

Photo Credit: Angie Domino

Girl power was the theme throughout the show as the ladies took us on a journey that taught us that it’s okay to be Scared of Happy, to feel like Michelle Obama and to know that It’s Gunna Get Better.

While much of the show focused on their newest album, the girls def didn’t forget where they came from and threw it back to OG hits “Miss Movin’ On,” “Sledgehammer,” and “Reflection.”

True to their name, they really are SO GOOD at harmonies.

Before we knew it, our trip was almost over and we were gearing up for landing…. a landing that wasn’t exactly smooth (in a good way).

Photo Credit: Angie Domino

Photo Credit: Angie Domino

The girls flexed, they came to impress and gave it their all as they belted out singles “Worth It” and “Work From Home” with a lot of help from the audience.

In fact, after trying to get an Uber for 20 minutes, I almost did work from home.

To sum it up, Fifth Harmony’s concert in Chi-town was “Dope” and dare I say, worth every bit!

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