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Mary Drake’s Baby Revealed on Summer Finale of “Pretty Little Liars”

The last ever summer finale of Pretty Little Liars saw heads rolling, pregnancy announcements, hook ups, newbie mistakes and finally, the reveal of Mary Drake’s mystery child.

Of course when the hour was up I found myself in tears because I literally could not even imagine that it has been 7 years since PLL began and I still can’t figure out this mystery. That’s right…. we never actually find out who A.D is. But we do get some other answers so lets dig in.

Hanna is still on the run with Noel Kahn, who she is trying to get a confession from. She’s so determined to have him confess that he’s A.D so she can finally pin all this hurt on someone. Meanwhile the liars realize that this has gone too far and decide to tell the cops EVERYTHING. Well…. not everything, they conveniently left out the part about Archer Dunhill getting killed by Hanna. They did however put the cops on Noel’s trail, which made me wonder why the cops don’t question what these girls did to be hated so badly in Rosewood.

Hanna turns Noel’s blood in for DNA testing and then realizes, she’s an amateur at this whole kidnapping thing so she calls in Mona for backup. Hanna plays the whole thing off as an attempt to find the girl Noel pushed down the stairs and everyone believes her, except Caleb who is all “I’m not leaving until you tell me the truth.” Their little “your an ass” fight turned heated really quickly after Caleb said that they belong together. Yay #TeamHaleb!

Aria was waiting for Ezra to finally come home from Colombia after they failed to locate Nicole but when he didn’t show up, she began to worry. And yes, she definitely did have to find out that Nicole was found ALIVE from the news. And yes, she did see her fiancee kiss his ex out of pure joy. What does that mean for them as a couple going forward? Clearly Ezra still has feelings for Nicole and probably would have been with her if she hasn’t been kidnapped. Which woman will he choose?

As predicted Alison had the surprise of a lifetime. “I’m pregnant” she told a shocked Emily. Can you imagine having a baby with your lying, insane, maniacal husband? Imagine how Ali must feel right now. You can’t even blame her for turning to Emily in a time of need and pursuing the relationship that has needed to happen since before Ali went missing. Sorry Paige but your time is up here… I don’t even know why she thought she could come in and yell at Emily about being manipulated by Ali. You are an ex Paige!

Out of this world theory here – I’m about 50% sure that Alison has Emily’s baby inside of her. AD aka Archer aka whatever stole Emily’s eggs remember? THIS HAS TO BE WHY!

Toby was ready to leave town with his fiancee Yvonee. In fact, it was his last day on the job so you know stuff was about to GO DOWN. Spencer came to say goodbye and awkwardly asked for “one last kiss” which Toby willingly gave. Look I get it, that’s your ex but really, no one would EVER say yes to that. Clearly Toby still has feelings for her.

When the liars all got together the next day they found Noel Kahn wasn’t Mary Drake’s mysterious baby. And to make things worse, he managed to escape from Hanna’s motel hideout and left with the camera aka all the evidence that Hanna kidnapped him.

The liars head to a creepy address to meet up and do the swap – camera for flash drive. Once inside, they quickly realize that this is their death sentence and they’ve got no way out. Emily makes a rookie mistake and forgets her phone upstairs which is where she and Hanna get attacked by Noel. A fight later and he gets AXED… literally, his head is axed off and rolls downstairs to the other girls who are quietly trying to escape a gun-wielding Jenna. Blind girls and guns are never a good combo.

As the girls make a run for it, a gun goes off and Spencer is caught in the crossfire. Mary Drake, who was hiding out in the abandoned home for the blind (still not sure why) knocks Jenna out and runs to Spencer’s side. As Spence is bleeding out, she tells her she wouldn’t ever hurt her because “she’s her mother.” CALLED IT. Even though we knew it, it was still shocking to hear coming from Mary. But also, that means Spencer was Charlotte’s biological sister… and that means Spencer and Jason are even closer than we though. Spencer Drake – can you believe it?

As for Jenna, she’s dragged out by none other than AD. But who is it? How is it possible that we still don’t have a solid lead? At this point, the only people unaccounted for this night were Jason, Wren, Melissa and the parents. With all the twisted family drama surrounding all Charlotte, Ali, and Spencer, I could definitely see it being any of them. Not to mention I still think Wren is Archer’s brother or cousin.

And don’t think Toby made it far out of Rosewood…. you know no one ever really gets to leave this craziness. After deciding not to send a romantic text to Spencer, Toby and Yvonne hopped into their truck to start a new life together but right after Spence is shot, we see Toby’s car crashed into a tree with both of them completely knocked out and bloody. Please please please don’t let Toby die.

You can say Noel Kahn’s death was definitely fatAl. You know Spencer will live to see season 7B… Jenna might also live. This is her lesson not to hold several year long grudges. Was her mission with Noel to get revenge on the girls for making her blind? Was she really not involved with the bigger picture at all?

Why did AD kidnap her? Who is AD? What does AD want? Did AD kill Charlotte? And who killed Sara Harvey? What did Noel mean by “you know too much?” He clearly wasn’t just referring to Jenna’s revenge on the girls. Why was he working with CeCe? Why did he help her in the dollhouse? As content as I am with the answers we got, I still think there’s so much of the story we don’t know…. and we only get 10 more episodes to figure it all out.

What did you think of the summer finale?

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