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State Reps Proposing “Pidgey’s Law” To Help Remove Problematic Pokestops

Not everyone loves Pokemon Go as much as you do!

In fact, a state lawmaker in Illinois is introducing a legislation to force Niantic to remove a Pokestop that has been ruined by players.

The law, hilariously titled “Pidgey’s Law” will protect vulnerable properties and hold game developers more accountable.

Players wanting to “catch them all” trampled a protected area of the Rogers Park lakefront when the game came out.

The new act would make it easier for property owners and managers to remove their business and locations from being Pokestops.

“There’s been real damage done to this site that people have spent hours and dollars restoring,” State Rep. Kelly Cassidy said. “It shouldn’t have happened.”

Under the new bill, game developers must remove stops from “ecologically sensitive sites or locations, historically significant site or locations, site or location on private property, or site or location otherwise deemed as dangerous by the real property owner, manager, or custodian.”

They have 2 business days to do so and if they fail, provides them with a civil legal recourse and a $100 a day fine for each day it isn’t removed.

“Don’t put it in the middle of a protected space … that would be true whether we’re talking about a Lincoln site where it should be a little more reverent than people screaming, ‘Bulbasaur’ and running after it,” Cassidy said.

Read the full story HERE!


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