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Samara Enters The Digital Age In “The Ring” Sequel “Rings” [WATCH]

If you weren’t feeling fall creeping in the air, this will definitely change that.

Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for Rings, the third film in The Ring franchise.

If you love horror movies, you’ll be thrilled to know the creepy video still exists, not on VHS anymore but ONLINE. Horror movies have to keep up with the times you know?

If you don’t and watched The Grudge facing the back of the theater like I did, this is your worst nightmare.

The trailer features our favorite long haired, trapped in a well girl Samara entering the digital age to kill a woman’s BF seven days after he watches the “black and white” video.

The GF tries to save him and tries to sacrifice herself but makes a  “horrifying discovery” of a “movie within the movie.” So like Inception but a horror move universe? I’m out. Also, should have just let your BF die….

Rings will debut on October 28th, right in time for the haunting hour.



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