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“Pretty Little Liars” Are On a Mission To Take Down Noel Kahn (7×09)

Leave it up to the liars to split up and leave each other alone when the power goes out in Rosewood. Cause you know, nothing bad ever happens there… Thankfully, most of the liars had someone to lean on, except for Hanna, who gladly traded in her heels for some boots and her luxurious life for a walk in Noel Kahn’s backyard.

Lately, all roads back to Noel Kahn… and Radley. We literally can’t ever get rid of that wretched place. This week on Pretty Little Liars, the girls are all 95% sure that Noel Kahn is A.D but that 5% is keeping them from actually going to the police. Aside from a gut feeling, they have no concrete evidence… that is until Spencer realizes that Kahn still LIVES at his parents house, which coincidentally is in the same little area where Hanna was when she was kidnapped. How did they not put this together soon? Spencer is just as shocked as you are.

Of course Spence and Emily decide to tear up Kahn’s house for some evidence and thankfully, find something REALLY incriminating. Remember their time in Charlotte’s dollhouse of terror? Turns out Kahn was in on it and working with Charlotte to keep the girls inside, thinking they’re loosing their marbles – to the point that there’s a video of him SMEARING blood (or paint) all over a knocked out Spencer. Why would you want footage of it you ask? Who knows… but he kept it in a hidden box marked with a symbol that Emily recognized from her time with Maya. The symbol Spencer informs us is one that would get you into Noel’s brothers “cool” parties. Anyone else getting a “Maya is still alive and part of this” vibe. Wouldn’t that be something?

But if that wasn’t enough, Aria and Jason went to the courthouse to find out more about Jason’s mysterious cousin. Low and behold, the judge who signed off on the “closed” adoption was Steven Kahn AKA Noel Kahn’s dad. I mean, HELLO people. Noel Kahn MUST be the child right? Well if we know ANYTHING about PLL logic, he’s definitely a red herring. And we’re definitely forgetting he also has a brother by the name of Eric Kahn. How old would Eric be? We meet him in “The Kahn Game” and we know he was romantically linked to CeCe and had all these parties that involved that symbol. It could be him? While Noel def looks guilty, he also looks like he’s working for someone. I mean, he STARTED off PLL as the nice guy who seemed to genuinely care about Aria. Where did he go wrong? (I think maybe when he wrote “I See You” on the back of her car at camp… ugh.)

While the liars are gathering all the evidence, Hanna is done playing games and taking matters into her own hands. Last week we saw her rent out some hotel room and cover the windows up with newspapers. This week, she’s recording a video about how she “might not make it out alive.” I’m assuming she’s created this low key space to drag Noel Kahn’s body into because well, her brilliant plan was to kidnap and torture him into admitting he’s A.D. Her efforts – clearly not as good as A.D’s however since she failed with drugging him. One thing she did do right? Hit him with her best shot… over the head… But now what? Well from the promos it looks like she’s def going to need Mona for this one.

On the relationship front we finally get some insight into Aria and Jason’s relationship. Can I just mention it seems like Aria has completely blocked out the fact that Jason used to be obsessed with her AND the fact that he had a THING with Hanna’s mom completely out. I can’t say I blame her, Jason is a hunk but still… some lines shouldn’t be crossed.

While spending time with him this week, she reminisced on her fling with him while he was finishing up training before embarking on his trip to Ethiopia. Five years ago, he invited Aria to go with him and “change the world” but she was focused on getting her first job in the field coincidentally at a company that published Ezra’s book. Turns out even when they were split up, Aria was hoping to find a way back to her “soulmate.” Admittedly, I love the idea of her and Jason, but wouldn’t want her to be the engaged girl who cheats on her fiancee when he’s in Colombia waiting to see if his ex-gf is still alive. Although she didn’t deny being Jason’s fiancee at the courthouse but we’ll write that off as her doing everything to get those adoption papers.

You can imagine Aria’s relief when Ezra texted her that Nicole wasn’t one of the several refugees saved. Yes, despite wanting Nicole to be alive, Aria was relieved that she wouldn’t be losing Ezra. But hey, they never said she was dead so just wait for it – she’ll pop up at Ezra’s door one of these days and once again give Aria doubts of whether on not she’s the one for him.

Marco came by Spencer’s bearing good news – he was officially off Alison’s case since Archer Dunhill was spotted in France. Are we sure it isn’t England? We’re looking at you Wren and Melissa! I refuse to believe Wren is innocent ESPECIALLY since he’ll be making an appearance in 7B!

With him off the case and Caleb and Toby both out of the picture, you’d think Spencer would pursue this new love interest, but nope. She turned him down until she found the dollhouse video in Kahn’s apartment. Ready to confess everything, she called him over but of course by the time he got there, a tree had fallen through Spencer’s kitchen window – thanks A.D – and the culprit stole the flash drive with all the evidence. You’d think they’d know better by now. Spencer asked Marco to stay anyways cause she “didn’t want to be alone” and we can’t blame her, but we CAN totally blame her for kissing Toby in next weeks promo. What?!?! As much as we’re ready to ship #Spoby again, we can’t help but notice Spencer is really, really, really confused about guys.

Emily realized that there’s no way she could have a normal relationship with A.D torturing her and her friends again so she decided to push Sabrina away. The whole time I kept wondering if Sabrina didn’t know Emily’s history because I mean, Rosewood is a small town so she should know Emily has her reasons for being “weird” and secretive. I’m also a little weary of Sabrina because lets face it, Emily doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to dating. Most of her love interests have wound up dead or working for the enemy.

I think that could be the case for Paige. I’ve never trusted her and I still don’t. Has everyone forgotten she tried to drown her? And then she comes back to town in the most opportune time and is creepily weasling back into Emily’s life, trying to find out all of her secrets and spying on Sabrina. What’s the deal?

Thoughts on this weeks episode? Will Hanna’s plan work? Is Noel Kahn’s A.D? Is Jenna working with him? Is Maya alive? Is Wren involved? Will Spencer and Toby get back together? Is Paige working on A.D’s team? Has Jenna been the mastermind this whole time? Why now? It seems like in the promo she wants revenge for the girls blinding her. Is she the one who killed Charlotte then?

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