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35 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture 2016

It’s October and that means, you need to start planning that Halloween costume!

I’m the type of person that likes to base my costume off of pop culture.

So, we’re put together some of the best costumes based on the most “happening” things of 2016! (You should probably start getting these early because some of them require you to do more than just buy the costume at the Halloween shop!)


  1. Pokemon Go master

Pokemon is all the rage this year since the launch of PokemonGo. So dress up as your avatar and rep either Instinct, Valor or Mystic. Don’t forget your backpack!

Pokemon Go Avatar Builder 35 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture 2016



2. Pikachu…. or any Pokemon for that matter

Right along with the first option, you can either go dressed as one of your favorite Pokemon or team up with a buddy who goes as the Pokemon Go master.



3. Harley Quinn

This will NO DOUBT be the hottest costume for girls this Halloween! Have fun with it, get a little crazy and talk about puddin. Just remember, if you want to nail it you need a “Daddy’s Lil Monster” t-shirt, bubble gum and the blue and pink hair! AND don’t forget your baseball bat!



4. The Joker or the whole Suicide Squad

Right along with that you can also dress up as the Joker or anyone from Suicide Squad, especially if you have a huge squad. For the Joker you’ll need green hair, a purple parka and a fabulous grill.



5. Ghostbusters

The movie may have flopped in theaters but it was still huge in pop culture. So grab your gal pals and strap on those ghost huntin’ costumes. You can even make one of your guy friends be the ghost! BOO!



6. Harry Potter + squad

There was SO much hype around J.K Rowling’s final Harry Potter installment that it is perfectly relevant to go dressed as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco or their children, Albus Potter or Scorpious Malfoy. Heck, you can even dress up as Voldemort’s child!



7. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is one of the hottest shows on TV right. To dress up as Elliot, put on black jeans, a black hoodie and a lot of makeup to make your look tired. Or pair your F Society mask with a blazer and bowtie. Print the mask RIGHT HERE!

#kyliejenner and #elliot from #mrrobot #fsociety #kardashians #jenner #kingkylie #halloween

A photo posted by Lizzy (@lizus711) on


You can also be Mr. Robot, Elliot’s dad or Darlene, whose signature look is the heart-shaped shades.

ONE WEEK till this bitch is back and just wait till you see what she does #MrRobot #Darlene

A photo posted by Carly Chaikin (@carlychaikin) on

Costume tips HERE!



8. Grease 

What once was old is now new again. After the highly successful Grease LIVE musical, you can literally rock your Danny Zuko, Sandy and Pink Ladies outfits like its 1978!

Wow wow wow. #greaseliveonfox made me so happy.

A photo posted by Nia Vardalos (@niavardalos) on



9. Star Wars

Literally, Star Wars never gets old especially with Rogue One hitting theaters soon. You’ve got a ton of characters to choose from so what are you waiting for?


10. Olympics Team USA

Fresh off the Olympics, you can become part of TEAM USA! Hey, maybe you’ll even get a kiss from Zac Efron?

Be sure to use a lot of red and glitter when doing your makeup!

Look who stopped by to see @usagym! 📷: @simonebiles

A photo posted by Team USA (@teamusa) on


And if your are looking for a group costume, you can always become the Final 5! Talk about #SquadGoals


11. Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

Dressing up with your boo? You should be Hollywood’s newest power couple! Rock some denim jeans, plaid and a cowboy hat to transform into Blake and all you need is a platinum blonde wig and red lipstick to be Gwen! Viola!

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC



12. Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton

Partner up with a friend to dress up as the presidential candidates Trump and Clinton.

For Trump, you’ll need a suit, a red or blue tie, orange concealer and a really bad strawberry blonde taupe.

For Hillary, I’d opt for a red pant suit and a semi-bad wig.

This is some scary s#it. I don't even know what to say. #whatthehell #presidentialelection #trumpandclinton

A photo posted by Christina David (@1love35) on



13. Taylor, Kanye, Kim

Honestly, if you are feeling REALLY basic, you could just wear a t-shirt with either #TeamTaylor/#TeamKanye/#TeamKim



14. Prince

For starters, you’ll need a lot of PURPLE. Throw on purple pants, a white lace shirt and a purple cape. Bonus if you can find a purple guitar.

💜 My Husband @specialistryan is my hero💜 #prince #theartistformallyknowas #purplerain #princecostume

A photo posted by ✨SYDNEY SPARKLES✨ (@aussieplussizebarbie) on



15. Beyonce’s Lemonade Outfits

Bey really gave the Beyhive a lot of Halloween ideas with her “Lemonade” movie. You can also wear anything from her “Ivy Park” collection!

Outfit one:


Outfit two:

12724690 559467380895287 111398671 n(1) large trans++gItNv9QsiBgAe nRyizWN4g72001WAoync83eiaSqHs 35 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture 2016


Outfit 3:

e6449d5502179104a51b9d104db91609.1000x752x1 35 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture 2016



16. Loki

Since Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris and began dating Tom Hiddleston, Loki is probably a great person to dress up as this Halloween.



17. Cubs

The Cubs have had a good season and if you’re in Chicago, it only makes sense to dress up like your favorite players. Heck, especially if you’re going out in Wrigley! Throw in the shirt Jake is wearing and you’re GOLDEN!



18. MILF $$

Can’t believe I’d ever say pop culture wants you to dress up like a MILF but thanks to Fergie’s new video, it is all the rage.



19. Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool. Need I say more? Be THAT superhero!



20. Hotline Bling

Drake had it all in the video – the moves and the turtleneck sweaters. Go head, get your Drake on! You can also throw on that puffy orange jacket if you are really trying to get into character!

I know when that hotline bling ✨☎️ #drake #hotlinebling #timberlands

A video posted by @drake_views66 on



21. Fuller House

Ask your mom if she’s kept any of her cool 80s outfits. Then, dress up like Kimmy Gibbler from Fuller House! (If your mom doesn’t have anything you can use, I’m sure you can find a ton of things at the Thrift Store!)

Get the look: #KimmyGibbler #FullerHouse #Fashion #GibblerStyle 🍳👢

A photo posted by Fuller House (@fullerhouse) on



22.  Finding Dory

What were we talking about? Oh yah – dress up like everyone’s forgetful fish Dory! Buy the costume HERE!



23. Pregnant Blac Chyna

Nothing like dressing as the newest Kardashian, Rob’s new pregnant bae Blac Chyna!



24. Dwyane Wade

Wade joins the Bulls this season so throw on your Wade jersey and pretend your the newest player!

🏀 BREAKING: Wade reportedly will sign with the Bulls! 🏀 As a lifelong Heat fan, personally I could not be more sad about this 😥 🏀 Chicago is currently in the process of clearing up cap space for the move. The deal will likely be 2 years/$50 million, or more 🏀 Miami would not offer more than 2 years/$40 million, and the relationship with their franchise legend quickly eroded 🏀 Wade is a 3x champion and a 12x All-Star that averaged 19 points, 4.6 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 1.1 steals in 30.5 minutes per game last season, but he'll turn 35 in January 🏀 The Bulls also signed PG Rajon Rondo (11.9 points, 11.7 assist, 6 rebounds, 2 steals per game on 45.4% shooting with SAC last season) 🏀 Now Chicago's new starting five is Rondo, Wade, Butler, Taj Gibson, Robin Lopez (Gasol and Noah left) 🏀 Thoughts? 🏀 #NBA #NBAnews #NBAfreeagency #Sports #SportsNews #InstaSports #News #Breaking #BreakingNews #Basketball #BasketballNews #FreeAgency #TheBallBlog #BallIsLife #Bball #InstaGood #DwyaneWade #DwyaneWadeBulls #MiamiHeat #ChicagoBulls #THANKYOUDWADE

A photo posted by The Ball Blog (@theballblog) on




25. Chewbacca Mom

Pretty self explanatory… if you want your costume to be Star Wars inspired, but don’t want to put the whole thing together, just rock the Chewbacca mask!


A video posted by Ebro In The Morning @HOT97 (@ebrointheam) on



26. Wonderwoman



27. Ferris Bueller

Taking a day off for Halloween? Do it as Ferris Bueller. The film celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.


A photo posted by Chris Zito (@christopherzito) on



28. Panda

I got broads in Atalanta. The song might not actually be about panda’s but really…. you should dress up as one anyways!



29. Gilmore Girls

“Where you lead, I will follow.” Grab your best friend or your mom and dress up as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore this year in anticipation of the Netflix revival!

You will need this cup to hold at ALL times:


Rory should be dressed in her high school outfit:

And try your best to nail Lorelai’s style:

1×01 // this unforgettable combo of a bejeweled pink cardigan w/ a patterned beanie … we had no idea what we were getting into

A photo posted by lorelai's iconic wardrobe (@whatlorelaiwore) on

You can even add Luke in there if you have a guy friend – just throw on plaid, jeans and a baseball cap!


30. Ryan Lochte

Lying, vandalizing, and winning Olympic medals. If that’s you, you need to strap on your Team USA suit and dye your hair icy blue!

Ryan Lochte of the United States attends a press conference in the Main Press Centre on Day 7 of the Rio Olympics on August 12, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ryan Lochte of the United States attends a press conference in the Main Press Centre on Day 7 of the Rio Olympics on August 12, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


31. Eleven from Stranger Things

Don’t forget the bloody nose and the Eggo box!



32. A Snapchat filter

You could go with the popular dog filter or the crown filter – either the golden butterflies paired with a gold makeup or the flower crown!




33. The Dress

What color is it? Black and Blue? White and gold?

EY EY3489 1 SD2015 35 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture 2016


34. Ken Bone

Yandy is calling it the “sexy undecided voter” but know it is the debate’s real winner, Ken Bone. If you don’t want to spend $100 bucks on it, you can easily make the costume yourself. Black pants, red sweater, a mustache and a mic. Done, deal.

JV CM106 RedTop 1 full 7 35 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Pop Culture 2016


35. Willy Wonka

Gene Wilder passed this year and he was the iconic, the original Willy Wonka. Really, I could not think of a better man then the guy who had the keys to the whole chocolate factory!

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