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“Scream” Season Finale – Killer Behind The Mask Finally Revealed

And we’re down to the Lakewood 5. Yes, in this intense season finale of Scream, we finally found out who the second masked killer was and surprise, it was someone we all trusted very much.

STOP READING if you haven’t watch the season finale of season 2. SPOILERS AHEAD! 

We kicked off the finale of Scream with Audrey and Emma in the back of the squad car being accused for the Mayor’s murder. Of course all of their friends, including Brooke, know that they didn’t do it but the cops in Lakewood aren’t the brightest.

On the way to the station, the cop swerves to avoid hitting ghost face, who brutally murders him before giving Audrey and Emma the keys to escape. A massive manhunt begins as the girls try to run to safety. During a brief stop at the gas station, ghost face calls to warn the girls that if they tell anyone or turn themselves in, he’ll kill someone they love.

So of course, Emma and Audrey hop over to Kieran’s house so that Emma can tell him how scared she is. Clearly, she didn’t understand the point of “keep your mouth shut.” The two decide to go hang out at the movie theater since it doesn’t open until later and Brooke, Noah and Kieran all join in. At this point, Brooke receives a call from ghost face and Emma, fed up with the constant fear and running, tells him to come meet them at the theater.

Everyone is on guard duty waiting for the killer to come and “end this once and for all.” The only person that does show up however is Stavo who claims he got a text message from Brooke. That’s when the movie of every person ghost face has killed starts playing on the big screen. Clearly, the killer must have been inside the whole time. As Emma goes to shut it off, ghost face sneaks up behind Brooke and stabs her.

A lot starts happening here. Kieran tells Emma that Audrey has dissapeared and tells Emma to run from the cops while he holds a bleeding Brooke. At the hospital, Brooke is listed in “critical condition” and Emma blames herself. However, she’s still on the run and needs to find Audrey. That isn’t a problem however because ghost face sends her a picture of Audrey, who seems to be chained up in the children’s home where Piper grew up.

Ghost face orders Emma to go there by herself or warns that more people will get hurt. Before going into battle, Emma calls Kieran and they both exchange heartfelt “i love you’s.” Inside, she finds Audrey but before she can unchain her, Kieran runs through the door. He claims that Noah pinged his phone and found her location and it seems believable but suddenly Eli also runs inside, bleeding out and claiming he got stabbed by the killer.

Everything gets really confusing for Emma as both Kieran and Eli start placing the blame on each other. Eli has been the shady one since the beginning and Kieran has warned Emma about him so Emma shoots Eli thinking he’s the killer.

Kieran commands her for it explaining that with him gone neither her nor Audrey “have to feel scared again.” Emma realizes that’s EXACTLY the same thing ghost face just said to her on the phone and puts two and two together – Kieran is the killer. He tries to play dumb for a little before really going full 360  in character and admitting that he’s been the one torturing her and killing all of her friends.

WHO THE HECK SAW THAT COMING? I’ve always “suspected” that maybe Kieran was bad but I never actually believed it. Especially because we’ve never seen the “psycho” side of him!

Basically, Kieran admits that he was in love with Piper. They were both abandoned children with a need for revenge and they found that through killing. So yeah, Audrey may have brought Piper to Lakewood but heck, Kieran was her accomplice all along. When Emma and Audrey killed her on the dock, they became his next targets. He was right in front of ALL OF US this whole time and none of us saw it coming. Although I have to admit, if you think about it, he was EVERYWHERE that the killer made an appearance. I mean, even when they unmasked him at that fun house and Emma almost shot him, she was so worried but he just played then all so well. I mean, he was so twisted he even killed his own father because you know, daddy issues.

Kieran promises to kill both Audrey and Emma but Emma makes a break for it. I was a little confused by this whole moment because ghost face had no problem just slaying everyone but Kieran hesitated multiple times with Audrey. Maybe it really was to get to Emma. I don’t know. Regardless, Emma ambushed him and was able to get his gun. From there, Audrey locked him into a chokehold and Emma held a gun right to his forehead, deciding not to fire it. Instead, she waited until the cops showed up and made him “suffer” for the rest of his life in jail.

Three months after Kieran’s killing spree, Lakewood was a pretty enjoyable place. Everyone seemed to move on in a healthy manner. Things were working out between Brooke and Stavo and he even managed to mend his relationship with his father. Emma and Audrey’s friendship was stronger than ever and they even went to the movies.

But this is Murderville you know. After 3 months of peace, Kieran received a call in prison. On the other line – the creepy ghost face voice that said, “who told you you could use my mask?” Is that really Brandon James? Is he still alive after all this time? Will he want revenge on Kieran? Or will Emma continue to be the target in season 3, if there is one?

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