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“Pretty Little Liars” Show-Runner Teases FATAL Finale + A Pregnant Liar?!

Pretty Little Liars show runner Marlene King has teased a fatal finale coming up on Aug 30th and if I’m being honest, isn’t every finale fatal?

Since they’re making a big deal out of this (when do they not though) I am going to assume that someone very important is going to die. Someone more important than Sara Harvey, cause really, none of us actually miss her or her gloves right?

The episode is titled “The DArkest Knight” and teases at least one person dead. Based on that alone, I’m going to say one of the guys will be meeting his end.

Will it be Toby? Caleb? Hanna did have bad premonitions about him in this weeks episode. And we can’t forget about Ezra, Noel Kahn and Lucas.

The official synopsis reads: “The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally.”

Enemies is plural so does that mean there’s more than one person to A.D? Also happening in that episode, Sydney Driscoll returns. In case you forget Sydney was Jenna’s eyes and just a shady character all around. Is she working with Noel and Jenna?

Also in the synopsis: “One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.”

Fans are speculating that the “past” will be one of the liars finding out she is Mary Drake’s mystery baby. My money is on Spencer being that child but there have been many theories that support Aria being Aria Drake and I can dig it.

Facts supporting Aria as Mary Drake’s baby – she is the same age as said baby, her file was stolen by AD but not discarded like Noel’s, her uncle also suffered from mental health issues so he very well could have impregnated Mary in Radley, Jason has always had a thing for his “secret” family members, and well, many people thought Aria was always A. This could finally be that moment.

Then the second part teases something about a liars future being affected forever.

Fans have taken that to mean one of them is pregnant. Wouldn’t THAT be something? There are many routes that can be taken here.

Hanna could be pregnant with ex-fiancee Jordan, which would screw up her chances of being with Caleb, the man she really loves. Spencer could be pregnant with Caleb and that would also screw up Haleb. Aria could be pregnant with Ezra and that could be problematic if he finds out Nicole is actually alive and decides to be with her instead. And of course the best theory is that AD or Rollins somehow impregnanted Alison with Emily’s stolen eggs. Like how insane would that be? We have no idea what AD did with them after he stole them and that would kind of guarantee Emison as end-game.

So to summarize, it is GOING DOWN on the summer finale of PLL…. as always!

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