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Exes Return, Liars Go Rogue On “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7, Episode 8

Paige returned to Rosewood, the liars located Mary Drake’s doctor and Ms. Grunwald appeared briefly to warn the girls of an impending darkness. Uh…. yah, we know “green eyes.”

The episode of Pretty Little Liars kicks off with what was thankfully just a bad dream. Hanna is trying to convince the liars that Noel Kahn is definitely A.D – he has to be. When Caleb won’t believe her, she throws a hissy fit as a car comes speeding down, hitting Caleb. And of course, Noel was behind the wheel. The dream leaves her on edge for the rest of the episode and eventually, she kind of looses it and goes “dark.”

But not before she gets a visit from Grunwald aka the psychic who saved Ali after she was buried alive and the lady that communicated with the dead when Caleb made a temporary move to Ravenswood. Who can forget that? Hanna is just as shocked about her visit especially because Grunwald too had a bad dream and came there to warn them. As much as I want to believe Grunwald is this dope psychic, I cannot help but laugh because clearly, have these girls ever NOT been in danger? Anyways, she senses a “darkness” around her and Caleb and none other than Noel is around them. For some reason, he decides that it’s the perfect moment to interrupt Hanna’s convo and ask her if she’s been in the corn fields, clearly alluding to that time she was kidnapped. At this point, Grunwald grabs Hanna and starts seeing her torturous kidnapping and pulls a Bonnie Bennet as blood starts dripping from her nose. Safe to say, we’re 1000% sure Noel is up to know good. But is he a red herring?

All this Noel Kahn talk convinces Hanna that something must be done so she runs out of Lucas’s house, makes a cryptic call to someone about money, keys and forgetting her name. Really, as much as I’d love to guess what Hanna is doing, I cannot. Especially cause we’ve never seen her go rogue before. I mean, home girl was covering up windows with newspapers and duck tape. That is not New York, which is what she told Caleb in her goodbye, which led to a really nice hug and *almost* a kiss.

Alison finally returns to teaching and not because she was mentally ready but because she was broke. Let’s not forget Archer Dunhill cleared out all of her bank accounts. And speaking of, are we still on the look out for him? We know he’s dead but the police don’t right? There seemed to be no mention of him aside from the fact that all of Ali’s students played a mean prank on their teacher and wore black hoodies to class, which led her to some severe vomiting in the bathroom. Not cool kids. I forget how mean high schoolers can be. But Ali is a tough cookie – she was buried alive after all – so instead, she focused on breaking into the principal’s office and stealing Noel Kahn’s file. Of course, AD beat her to it and all she found was a “I told you to stop looking note.” Dead = end.

Not a dead end was Dr. Cochran, the doctor Noel Kahn was trying to get in touch last week and the doctor that they also found in Mary Drake’s files. Aria and Spencer  (Team Sparia!!!) visit the office only to find out that the original Cochran was suspended of his license after working in Radley. His daughter warns the girls not to look for him but gives up his address after her office is ransacked, presumably by Noel.

The girls make their way to the home equipped with whiskey so Cochran will talk. The creepy old dude tells the girls he remembers delivering both Drake babies in Radley. The first was a boy, which we know is Charlotte and the second, he couldn’t quite remember the sex. All he did know is that the baby was given up to child protective services shortly after.

While Marlene King wants us to believe that Noel Kahn is that baby, I think it is definitely Spencer Hastings. Think about it, she kind of looks like Mary Drake. Mary came to her house just to “see” how she’s doing. Spencer’s always had a weird rooted connection to Radley. Cochran also made a comment to her about how you “always go back to family” and in the end, Spencer seemed to have an epiphany while looking through her baby pictures. We already know Jason is Spencer and Ali’s half brother, but what if Spencer is Ali’s cousin and Charlotte’s biological sister? That would be WILLL! But then we wouldn’t actually have found AD’s identity because at this point, I don’t think ANY of the liars are torturing themselves. These secret babies and hooded figures are getting really hard to keep track of.

Aria had a lot going on this week considering the news that Nicole, Ezra’s presumed dead GF might actually be alive. Ezra was not on Team Aria after finding out that she picked up a call from Nicole and deleted it off of his phone. I understand Ezra is going through a lot right now but how could you be mad at someone for thinking a dead person calling might just be a prank? Aria however made it up to him by trading in their Italy vacation tickets and getting him a trip to Colombia to help in the rescue mission. I’m betting that Nicole is alive because if she was dead, what fun would any of this be? So what does that mean for their relationship? Aria basically returned her fiancee this week and that was not easy to do. Seeing her pack up her wedding dress really made me sad. Hey, at least she didn’t tell her parents about the engagement yet you know?

Emily dealt with exes this week after she ran into Paige while going to interview for a position as high school swim coach. During a little date night, we finally got the back story on what happened with these two and it turns out they actually dated after Paige left to California. In fact, they even lived together but Emily claims her inability to cope with her father’s death was the reason for their breakup. Paige also explained that her dreams of competing at the Olympics were shattered after a car accident. Of course Paige, who was giving off vibes to Ems, was upset to see that Emily moved on with Savannah. And lets not mention #Emison – those two are getting pretty close.

So, who do you think is Mary Drake’s mystery child? Why is Noel Kahn back? Who is AD? Who killed Charlotte? Is Nicole alive? Will Ezra and Aria last? Where did Hanna go, who did she meet and what is she doing?

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