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All Chicagoland Dominick’s Are Closing!

CBS Chicago reports that the parent company of the Dominick’s supermarket chain announced plans to sell as many of the stores it can before exiting the Chicago market entirely by early 2014.

Are you a Dominicks or Jewel kind of person?  Everyone has a preferable place to grocery shop but now a choice will be made for you.

In fact, a few of the Dominick’s stores will be turned into Jewel stores!  This comes on the heels of Mariano’s grocery stores going up all over Chicago.

The prices are cheaper and the food is fresh.  Bonus, they have a raw bar and you can buy a glass of wine and shop with it!!  Though it is kind of ironic that the founder of Mariano’s is a former CEO of Dominick’s.  Guess he saw how he could do it better, and did.

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