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Do YOU Remember Where You Were On 9/11?

I was in a Las Vegas radio studio (it had a stripper pole in the main studio – not that the fact makes any difference).  My boss called and told me to run to the TV and see what was happening.

I watched the second plane hit on live TV and was confused by it all.

Was it a hoax? Was there a horrible accident? Just confusion and inability to grasp what was going on.

Soon after, I had to read the news on the radio.  The words were coming out of my mouth but I was still confused about what was happening.

Then suddenly, it hit me.  I understood. I panicked and called my family on the East Coast.  Couldn’t get a hold of anyone and started freaking out.  Finally my mom picked up and yelled ‘they’re bombing all the major cities stay away from the strip!’ (Las Vegas Blvd is the strip).

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing???  Please share your story in comments below.

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