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Did Justin Bieber Grab His Fan’s Chest At A Meet & Greet? Did Another Fan Kiss Him?

This is supposed to be the one day when the only news about Justin Bieber is the release of his new album Believe Acoustic, but somehow, there’s always another story fueling rumors about him. This time it involves him groping a young fan, and there’s a photo to prove it.

When he was in Miami, he took a photo with a girl (who’s probably underage), and it looks like he’s grabbing her chest. By the look on her face, she did not enjoy the moment she met her idol! He was probably going for a hug, and the pic was taken so quickly that he didn’t get his arm fully around her….

The worst part is that this photo was on Justin’s fan site where the meet & greet photos are posted for his fans to retrieve. It has been removed since the photo was racy and caused a stir. However, they left up a photo of the same girl whispering in his ear. There’s another photo of a girl giving him a big kiss on the cheek….and he liked it.

Do you think he did this on purpose, or is it just a really bad camera angle?

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