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Justin Bieber Moon’s Instagram

We’ve all seen pics of Justin Bieber without his shirt on-stage…but this takes it to a whole other level!

Saturday (yesterday) Justin posted an Instagram pic on his Twitter of his bare behind with the hash tag “moon”.

Now it was only up for a few mins (but still got nearly 12,000 likes) before it was taken down and replaced with the tweet “Ha-ha

So , even though the pic was taken down (no word if he was made to do it or if he did it on his own) you know Beliebers don’t mess around and they saved it…so now his moon is now everywhere!

Why do you think he did it?

And “herbal idea” ?😉

To show Selena Gomez what she’s missing???

Didn’t see the pic? Check it out on our very own Perez Hilton’s website: Justin Bieber #moon

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