The J Show Talks Ryan Gosling’s Backstreet Boys Past On “Dish Nation”

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(J Niice & Producer Gabe)

(J Niice & Producer Gabe)

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As you’ve heard this week, Ryan Gosling could have been a Backstreet Boy! But how close was he to actually becoming a member?

J Niice did point out that Ryan is a huge movie star, so did he really miss out? He life could have been completely different. When Ryan was in the Mickey Mouse club, he lived in the same place as AJ from BSB. He was always talking about it, and Ryan would say, “It’s never gonna happen.”

When Backstreet blew up, Ryan tried to get in touch with AJ, but he never returned his calls.

But AJ did return Showbiz Shelly’s call! When he was in town, he asked her out for drinks, but he brought a friend with him. She could have been the girlfriend of a has-been (according to Gabe…lol).

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