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Did Justin Bieber Propose To Selena Gomez?

Sometimes as a last resort before a break up a guy will propose to his girlfriend.  “Oh please take me back, I’ll never do it again, LET’S GET MARRIED!”

Is that what happened when Justin proposed to Selena.  Did she give him the cold shoulder?  Did she laugh in his face?  Did he break up with her because she wouldn’t??

This morning Perez Hilton reported to B96 that Justin proposed twice in the months leading up to their breakup.

Fan Reactions To Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Breakup

Showbiz Shelly dug deeper into the ordeal on-air, which can be heard below.

In the past week, both of them have been keeping busy performing and attending big events.

Selena Gomez At Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards

Justin Bieber In Concert In New Jersey

Justin Bieber’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Performance

Go back in time and reflect on their adorable relationship.

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