Alex Clare Reflects On His Rocky Ride To Success

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(credit: Jay Tilles)

(credit: Jay Tilles)

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Alex Clare is not a Dubstep artist. He is not a reality TV star. Alex Clare is a real musician.

“I ate nothing but Ramen noodles for years,” Clare said in an interview with KROQ/ Los Angeles.

During the recording of his debut album Lateness of the Hour he explained his rocky ride to notoriety.

“I slept on people’s couches and I was literally eating Ramen noodles for four years.”

Throughout the writing and recording process Clare had confidence that the album would get some traction once released.

“It wasn’t so much that it got a yawn as it just didn’t get the exposure it needed,” he said. “If you don’t get the radio plug in the UK and the promotional means, it just kind of sits there and does nothing.”

Just when it seemed like the record wasn’t going anywhere and his music future looked bleak, a fairytale-like ending turned his story around.

“Well, I’d lost my record deal. I was scratching my head thinking, ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ and then suddenly I get a phone call from Bill Gates,” he recalled. “Not literally, but almost. If I see him I’m gonna kiss him. Microsoft says they want to use the song ["Too Close"] for their spot.”

The magic of technology didn’t stop there. His single’s growth was further accelerated by the music discovery app Shazam which was used 150 million times to identify the single “Too Close.”

Clare is not just a man with a computer. When asked how many instruments he plays, Clare joked, “I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. Guitar, little bit of drums, little bit of keyboards, I can play the ukelele, the spoons and the harmonica.”

Alex Clare’s Lateness of the Hour is now available on Amazon and iTunes.

-Jay Tilles, CBS Local  

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