Madonna’s RECORD Breaking Super Bowl Performance

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Singer Madonna (top) performs with Redfo

Loved it, or hated it – you can’t deny Madonna on the Super Bowl was something to talk about!

Her performance was the MOST tweeted about event to date on Twitter!

Find out how many people were talking about it right here!

Yesterday Madonna’s performance was averaging about 10,245 tweets per second! PER SECOND!

twitter Madonnas RECORD Breaking Super Bowl Performance

According to Twitter: 59% were positive, 30% were negative and 11% were neutral.

Overall, tweets for the Super Bowl were up 200% from last year – with a giant chunk of that courtesy of Madonna!

So what are the other record breakers?

#2: 2011 MTV VMA’s : 8,868 TPS (Tweets per second)

#3: Steve Jobs Resignation from Apple : 7,064 TPS

#4: 2011 BET Awards : 6,436 TPS

#5: Steve Jobs Passing : 6,049 TPS

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